Benchmark: How Leading Airports Handle Post-Pandemic Traffic Growth

Airports around the globe get ready for post-pandemic traffic growth. Since COVID’s impact is getting lower constantly, passengers are returning and are eager to travel again. Are airports ready? So we wanted to know the details and analyzed the operational performance of 12 leading airports from February to May 2021. Here’s the comprehensive airport benchmark!

Ready For Delays? The World’s 10 Most Unpunctual Airports

If you have an important appointment and arriving on time is essential you should probably avoid these ten airports. We’ve checked hundreds of airports around the world according to their on-time performance. But today, it is not about the top players! On the contrary, we present the world’s 10 most unpunctual airports!

Europe’s Disappearance — Top 15 Airports in May 2021

The latest airport ranking —one more time— shows that Europe is still miles behind Asia and the United States when it comes to COVID-recovery. We’ve analyzed the latest traffic figures and provide you with the latest top 15 airports according to flights, passengers, and cargo.

6 Crucial Airport Operations KPIs — Every Airport Must Monitor!

Airport operations management is an ultra-complex task, especially in large hubs with thousands of daily flights and challenging passenger connections. Therefore, monitoring the right set of KPIs is essential for high-quality airport operations. With this blog post, we introduce six of the most important airport operations KPIs every airport should track.

World’s 20 Biggest Airports in 2020!

Corona turned the airport industry upside down and reshuffled the list of the world’s biggest airports. We analyzed the latest data and present the top 20 of the world’s biggest airports in 2021!

The World’s 100 Most Punctual Airports for 2020

We made a data deep-dive and analyzed the world’s 100 most punctual airports. Here are the results! Discover the world’s most punctual mega airports and find out all about small punctuality top players!

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: What it Means for Airline KPIs?

After the first anniversary of COVID-19, we can say we are in one of the most anticipated phases of the process, the vaccination phase. Imagine the logistics pharmaceuticals, governments, and transportation companies have to arrange to guarantee the safe arrival of the doses to each of the countries worldwide. This is an example of how important it is that all parties align and work as a team.