We made a data deep-dive and analyzed the world’s 100 most punctual airports. Here are the results! Discover the world’s most punctual mega airports and find out all about small punctuality top players!

world's most punctual airports

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On-time performance, still, is one of the essential quality factors when traveling by plane. However, it’s not solely up to the airline to ensure on-time performance. Airports highly influence punctuality too. 

That’s why we did an in-depth analysis of the world’s most punctual airports. However, since we don’t want to compare apples with oranges, we clustered the most punctual airports according to their size. Size in this context relates to the number of departing scheduled seats.

  • Mega airports: 30+ million seats
  • Main airports: 20-30 million seats
  • Large airports: 10-20 million seats
  • Medium airports: 5-10 million seats
  • Small airports: 2.5-5 million seats

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Analysis according to world regions

Let’s provide a high-level overview before diving into the details. We wanted to know how the world’s most punctual airports are distributed across the globe. So we put together 20 airports with the best on-time performance of each size (mega, main, large, medium, and small) and analyzed the world regions.

The results show that more than 50% of the airports are located in North America (36.7%) or Europe (21.4%). Asia and South America both add 14 airports to the list, whereas the list contains only three airports from Africa and Central America.

Most punctual airlines (all sizes) according to world regions
Most punctual airlines (all sizes) according to world regions

World’s most punctual small airports

With 92.6%, Minsk wins the trophy for the best on-time performance. And worth mentioning, compared to all other airports, Minsk represents the world’s best on-time performance. There’s no airport in any other category that showed a better performance than 92.6%. Well done, Minsk!

World's most punctual small airports
World’s most punctual small airports

Besides Minsk, small airports are quite diversified from a world region’s point of view. We can see airports from South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. And all of them show solid 8x punctuality values.

Here are the detailed results:

AirportIATA CodeCountryRegionOTP (in %)
San SalvadorSALEl SalvadorCentral America86.2
Milan LinateLINItalyEurope85.48
Tenerife NorthTFNSpainEurope85.37
BoiseBOIUnited StatesNorth America85.34
GuayaquilGYEEcuadorSouth America83.97
DurbanDURSouth AfricaAfrica83.59
RenoRNOUnited StatesNorth America83.46
FortalezaFORBrazilSouth America83.34
WellingtonWLGNew ZealandAustralia83.13
QuitoUIOEcuadorSouth America82.73
CuritibaCWBBrazilSouth America82.49
ChristchruchCWBNew ZealandAustralia82.39

World’s most punctual medium airports

Panama leads the list of most punctual medium-sized airports. Similar to Minsk, Panama outperformed the rest of the airports on this list massively. Panama showed an on-time performance, almost 8% better than Capetown, which wins the silver medal.

World's most punctual medium airports
World’s most punctual medium airports

Besides Panama, the rest of the pack showed a solid performance ranging between 80% – 84% on-time performance. One interesting aspect: There’s not a single European airport on this list.

Here are the detailed results:

AirportIATA CodeCountryRegionOTP (in %)
PanamaPTYPanamaCentral America92.21
CapetownCPTSouth AfricaAfrica84.6
Santa AnaSNAEl SalvadorCentral America82.94
SacramentoSMFUnited StatesNorth America82.77
RecifeRECBrazilSouth America82.64
Rio de JaneiroGIGBrazilSouth America82.06
Belo HorizonteCNFBrazilSouth America81.55
Kota KinabaluBKIMalaysiaAsia81.49
San AntonioSATUnited StatesNorth America81.2
PittsburghPITUnited StatesNorth America81.04
Kansas CityMCIUnited StatesNorth America80.95
Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont)SDUBrazilSouth America80.91
Gran CanariaLPASpainEurope80.76
ColumbusCMHUnited StatesNorth America80.64
IndianapolisINDUnited StatesNorth America80.47
Buenos AiresEZEArgentinaSouth America80.21
EdmontonYEGCanadaNorth America79.89

World’s most punctual large airports

Let’s move on to the big players. We are now in the airport league with 10-20 million departing seats. In this category, Osaka in Japan wins the gold medal. With 88%, Osaka puts St. Petersburg and Honululu to places two and three. 

World's most punctual large airports
World’s most punctual large airports

Here are the detailed results:

AirportIATA CodeCountryRegionOTP (in %)
Osaka ItamiITMJapanAsia88.03
St PetersburgLEDRussiaEurope87.16
HonululuHNLUnited StatesNorth America86.82
BrasiliaBSBBrazilSouth America85.4
Salt Lake CitySLCUnited StatesNorth America85.38
SantiagoSCLChileSouth America84.96
PortlandPDXUnited StatesNorth America84.68
Sapporo New ChitoseCTSJapanAsia84.06
LimaLIMPeruSouth America83.15
JohannesburgJNBSouth AfricaAfrica83.01
San JoseSJCUnited StatesNorth America82.73
Sao PauloCGHBrazilSouth America82.21
Abu DhabiAUHUnited Arab EmiratesMiddle East81.15
Washington DullesIADUnited StatesNorth America81
CalgaryYYCCanadaNorth America80.72
San DiegoSANUnited StatesNorth America80.59
AustinAUSUnited StatesNorth America80.12
PhiladelphiaPHLUnited StatesNorth America79.61

World’s most punctual main airports

In the airport league with 20-30 million departing seats, Istanbul wins the gold medal with 83.42% on-time performance. The Turkish airport is followed by two U.S. airports: Minneapolis and Detroit. Worth mentioning that U.S. airports of this size show excellent performance. Eight out of the 15 most punctual main airports are located in the United States of America.

World'S most punctual main airports
World’S most punctual main airports

Here are the detailed results:

AirportIATA CodeCountryRegionOTP (in %)
MinneapolisMSPUnited StatesNorth America83.27
DetroitDTWUnited StatesNorth America83.08
Sao PauloGRUBrazilSouth America81.39
CharlotteCLTUnited StatesNorth America80.7
PhoenixPHXUnited StatesNorth America80.28
MiamiMIAUnited StatesNorth America80.22
DohaDOHQatarMiddle East80.21
HoustonIAHUnited StatesNorth America79.25
Las VegasLASUnited StatesNorth America79.12
OrlandoMCOUnited StatesNorth America76.83
BostonBOSUnited StatesNorth America75.11
Fort LauderdaleFLLUnited StatesNorth America75.11

World’s most punctual mega airports

And finally, here’s the champions league: Mega airports with more than 30 million departing seats. With 86.87, Moscow Sheremetyevo takes home the trophy in this category. However, with 86.6, Tokyo is very close behind Moscow. Singapore, another Asian airport, completes the list of the top-3.. 

World's most punctual airports
World’s most punctual mega airports

Here are the detailed results:

AirportIATA CodeCountryRegionOTP (in %)
Tokyo HanedaHNDJapanAsia86.6
AtlantaATLUnited StatesNorth America83.74
SeattleSEAUnited StatesNorth America80.27
Los AngelesLAXUnited StatesNorth America79.62
New YorkJFKUnited StatesNorth America77.87
DenverDENUnited StatesNorth America76.93
DallasDFWUnited StatesNorth America76.78
Hong KongHKGChinaAsia76.44
LondonLHRUnited KingdomEurope75.27
Kuala LumpurKULMalaysiaAsia75.04
SeoulICNSouth KoreaAsia74.95
ChicagoORDUnited StatesNorth America74.93
San FransiscoSEOUnited StatesNorth America74.59

Punctuality comparison according to airports’ size

When comparing the average on-time performance of airport sizes, it turns out that mega and main airports show a weaker performance than large, medium, or small airports. Additionally, with an average of 84.33%, small airports had the highest punctuality values of all airports.

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Source: Data shown in this blog post is based on OAG’s Punctuality League 2020


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