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World’s Biggest Airports in June 2021 (by Flights, Passengers & Cargo)

Here are the latest and official ICAO figures! We proudly present the world's biggest airports in June 2021 - by the number of flights, passengers, and cargo volume.

It is exciting to analyze the latest traffic figures and put together the world’s biggest airport ranking every month. As always, we clustered the ranking in three sections: biggest airports by flight volume, biggest airports by passengers, and biggest airports by cargo volume.

World’s Biggest Airports By Flight Volume — in June 2021

Based on flight volume, the biggest airport ranking for June is —almost— a U.S.-only show. 14 of the 15 biggest airports by flight volume are based in the United States of America. Moreover, with Chicago and Atlanta, the United States has the only airports that operate more than 30,000 flights in June. On top of that, Dallas scratched the 30,000 mark and is only 400 flights shy of 30,000.

Compared to 2019, almost every airport handled fewer flights in June 2021. However, anchorage, Salt Lake City, and Long Beach are the exception: Each of the three airports operated more flights than pre-COVID.

Rank IATA Airport Country Flights vs. 2019
1 ORD Chicago O’Hare 31.472   -21.9%
2 ATL Atlanta 30.953   -20.9%
3 DFW Dallas/Fort Worth 29.595    -3.6%
4 DEN Denver 26.409    -4.9%
5 CLT Charlotte 23.228    -3.6%
6 LAX Los Angeles 23.009   -22.2%
7 IAH Houston 17.450   -12.1%
8 SEA Seattle 17.377   -13.6%
9 LAS Las Vegas 17.331   -12.6%
10 PHX Phoenix 17.204    -0.4%
11 PVG Shanghai 16.952   -20.4%
12 MIA Miami 16.406    -1.2%
13 ANC Anchorage 16.403     1.2%
14 LGB Long Beach 15.367    11.7%
15 SLC Salt Lake City 15.111     1.3%
World’s Biggest Airports By Flight Volume — in June 2021

World's Biggest Aiports in June — Chicago Airport


Chicago O’Hare Airport Terminal 1 — World’s Biggest Airport by Flight Volume — By Dllu

World’s Biggest Airports By Number of Passengers — in June 2021

When looking at the passenger figures, the picture looks similar to the traffic ranking. However, this time four Chinese airports challenge the U.S. dominance. On another page, it is interesting to see that, although Chicago operated the most flights, it “only” ranks fourth according to passenger numbers. Atlanta, on the other side, operates almost 600,000 flights more than Dallas on position two.

Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, and Xi’an represent the Chinese airports among the list of the 15 biggest airports by passengers in June 2021.

Rank IATA Airport Country Passengers vs. 2019
1 ATL Atlanta GA, US (ATL) 3.727.163  -25.0%
2 DFW Dallas/Fort Worth TX, US (DFW) 3.174.904   -7.2%
3 DEN Denver CO, US (DEN) 2.857.674  -10.5%
4 ORD Chicago IL, US (ORD) 2.674.431  -32.3%
5 LAX Los Angeles CA, US (LAX) 2.443.847  -39.2%
6 CTU Chengdu, CN (CTU) 2.094.746   -5.9%
7 CLT Charlotte NC, US (CLT) 2.093.605   -3.0%
8 MCO Orlando FL, US (MCO) 1.910.929  -10.7%
9 LAS Las Vegas NV, US (LAS) 1.905.746  -14.7%
10 SEA Seattle WA, US (SEA) 1.903.679  -22.4%
11 PHX Phoenix AZ, US (PHX) 1.819.490   -5.0%
12 PVG Shanghai, CN (PVG) 1.775.344  -45.2%
13 MIA Miami FL, US (MIA) 1.750.691   -7.6%
14 XIY Xi’an, CN (XIY) 1.726.563  -10.0%
15 PEK Beijing, CN (PEK) 1.646.400  -59.3%
World’s Biggest Airports By Number of Passengers — in June 2021

World's Biggest Aiports in June — Atlanta Airport


Atlanta Airport — World’s Biggest Airport by PAssengers — By Omoo at English Wikipedia

World’s Biggest Airports By Cargo Volume — in June 2021

As always, the cargo ranking looks slightly different to passengers and flight volume. First of all, we have airports from countries other than the United States and China on the list. On top of that, with Hong Kong, we have a non-U.S. airport on top of the list. Moreover, with Dubai and Doha, we have to airports from the Middle East.

Rank IATA Airport Country Freight Tonnes vs. 2019
1 HKG Hong Kong SAR, CN (HKG) 396.000     4.5%
2 MEM Memphis TN, US (MEM) 374.904     7.9%
3 PVG Shanghai, CN (PVG) 359.739   23.0%
4 ANC Anchorage AK, US (ANC) 307.678   29.2%
5 ICN Incheon, KR (ICN) 271.513   23.2%
6 SDF Louisville KY, US (SDF) 241.749     9.4%
7 TPE Taipei, CN (TPE) 221.534   27.9%
8 LAX Los Angeles CA, US (LAX) 216.236   30.1%
9 DOH Doha, QA (DOH) 214.908   24.0%
10 NRT Tokyo, JP (NRT) 209.170   20.2%
11 ORD Chicago IL, US (ORD) 202.605   33.5%
12 MIA Miami FL, US (MIA) 187.311   10.9%
13 DXB Dubai, AE (DXB) 186.346    -3.1%
14 FRA Frankfurt, DE (FRA) 183.204   10.9%
15 CDG Paris, FR (CDG) 165.400     3.8%
World’s Biggest Airports By Cargo Volume — in June 2021

World's Biggest Aiports in June — Hong Kong Airport


Hong Kong Airport — By Wylkie Chan – Wylkie Chan

Used Data

The shown information is based on ICAO data and internal data sources.  Internal data is based on the latest FlightFacts data. FlightFacts is a free-to-use mobile app that lets you discover the operational performance of airlines and airports in real-time. For more information about FlightFacts, click here or visit our download page. FlightsFacts is available for Android and Apple mobiles and is used by more than 10,000 aviation employees and enthusiasts worldwide!

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