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Be in control of your airline's operations. Everywhere and anytime.

A Wall World Frankfurt Information Design

No matter which information you need to gain the perfect situational awareness, the A:Wall is up to it.

The A:Wall offers exactly the information you need — always and everywhere. Either on large screens, your laptop or pad, the A:Wall visualizes your business performance — without any boundaries and in real-time. Flight operations, airport performance, maintenance, weather or social media — the A:Wall provides an unprecedentedly confident feeling.

Your companion at any time.

Seamlessly integrated across all devices. To match your needs.

Up-to-date when traveling.

Traveling no longer means not knowing what is happening in operations. At the airport. In the hotel. In the taxi. With the A:Wall you are aware of your airline's on-time performance, stability or misconnex quota.

Office hours won't stop you.

As a manager being aware of your airline's performance from 9-5 is not sufficient. The A:Wall lets you check your numbers 24/7 — have a look at the arrival punctuality while taking your morning run, seat load factors with your first coffee and the number of passengers while relaxing in the evening.

New level of awareness in your office.

Running on large TV screens, you can turn your office into a control center. Be aware of what is happening at any time.

You chose the device.

Being in control of your airline operations must not be a question of the device. The A:Wall seamlessly integrates from large TV screens to laptops, iPads, and iPhones.
Use a large screens during your time at your office and access the same information on your iPhone during meetings or on the iPad while waiting for your flight.

Real-time operations need real-time solutions.

And nothing else.

Know what is happening right now.

The A:Wall was developed to provide you real-time information. Every piece of information, every performance indicator is processed calculated and visualized in real-time.

No longer rely on outdated reports.

Daily, weekly, monthly reports? Fine for analyzing but useless for controlling. Eliminate this dependency and control your airline's operations with real-time information.

Be the first to know.

Never miss operational issues and important updates — be informed and updated directly when something happens.

Au revoir Powerpoint.

Hello perfect visualization.

You don't have time for poor visualization.

We think your time is precious — and shouldn't be spent with figuring out the details of a report. That's why we paid the highest attention when designing the A:Wall. Every color, every font, and every icon has been selected to enable viewers getting the essence in a split-second.

Forget about hard to read documents.

Powerpoint documents that can't be opened on your iPad. A PDF document which is hard to read on your mobile. And a World file which is misformatted completely.
To get it straight: These times are over. Access your performance indicators on every device — perfectly visualized without any boundaries.

Concentrate on the important aspects.

The A:Wall is equipped with a sophisticated highlighting color scheme — providing you the possibility to concentrate on the relevant issues only.


Executives from leading airlines are in control of their operations with the A:Wall.

Situational Awareness made simple.

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