Because great success
arises in real time.

Start now to enhance your daily  business performance — with a unique product tailored to aviation: live metrics, smart alerts and an app that runs on all your favorite devices.

The calming certainty of always knowing everything

aWall is the only aviation real time dashboard, which unites field-proven live metrics and clear data visualization on top of a scalable and cloud-based business intelligence platform. Thus, it is the ideal solution for control centers, managers, operational staff and all professionals, who are keen to have their business KPIs at hand: ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.

Focused on aviation. Nothing else.

Out of the box, aWall is equipped with essential aviation KPIs and tailored visuals for your real-time dashboard. From basic on-time performance to missed baggage and connecting ratios — we got you covered!

Customizable to your needs

We know that every airline and airport has its specific requirements. Jointly we develop customized KPIs and visualization that helps to support your operations in the most effective way.

Benchmark redefined! 

With the aWall, you can not only monitor your own operational performance but also your competitors’. Equipped with real-time data of more than 200 airlines it’s never been that easy to benchmark!

Leave monitoring
to smart alerts

With real-time push notifications, we’ve put operations monitoring to an entirely new level. Get actively alerted to react quickly and effectively to any kind of situation.

Choose your favorite device

Being in control of your daily business must not be a question of the device. aWall seamlessly integrates from large TV screens to laptops, tablets, and smartphones — thus keeping you up to date wherever you are.

Make cyber security a matter of course

aWall keeps your data protected in the AWS cloud with all associated security features and a fully customizable user management. On top, it supports Face-ID, Touch-ID and two-factor authentication, to keep your data extra secure and still conveniently accessible on all your favorite devices.

Professionals from leading companies control
their daily business with the aWall.

Elevate your operations with real-time KPIs!

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