Airline Reduce Costs

6 Reasons Why Your Airline Needs KPIs To Reduce Operational Costs

Every airline is currently looking for possibilities to reduce costs. And this isn’t surprising. COVID-19, like no other crisis before, forces airlines to rethink their entire business models.  Most of the airlines forecast a bumpy and lengthy road until passengers numbers reach pre-COVID figures again. Although predictions vary from 3 to 5 years, it is…

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We’re Not Gettin’ Tired — Here’s AskBen Episode #4

We’re super happy to share the fourth episode of AskBen with you today. We’ve again selected some interesting questions, which Ben is going to answer during that session. Here’s an overview: What is your favourite airline KPI? Can you explain contextual KPIs more in detail? Do KPIs help to save costs? What are your 3…

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6 Crucial Crew KPIs Airlines Have To Monitor

Let’s focus on airline crew KPIs today. Although I’ve published many blog posts about airline operations KPIs, crew KPIs —so far— haven’t been that prominent. I think it is time to correct that. Especially since I am fully aware of the essential role cockpit and cabin crew plays in the context of airline operations. Many…

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More, more, more…Questions & Answers — Here’s AskBen Episode #3

We’re super-happy to release the 3rd episode of #AskBen. This time we selected five questions that mainly focus on innovative airline and KPI aspects. Here’s an overview of the questions Ben answers: What are the most important upcoming innovations when it comes to airline KPIs? What are the most critical aspects airlines have to focus…

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How Our KPI Solution Helped An Airline To Reduce IT Costs Substantially.

Reducing IT costs is a top priority for many airlines at the moment. Primarily due to Coronacrisis, many airlines face enormous pressure to cut and reduce costs. Besides reducing staff and expenditure freezes, IT spendings usually reflect a potential cost item that is assessed thoroughly. Indeed, there are hundreds of ways of how to reduce…

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Airline Cloud Computing

5 Reasons Why Airlines Have To Focus On Cloud-Computing Immediately!

Cloud computing will be a dominating topic for airlines in the upcoming months. Why’s that? Because Corona showed that times of on-premise solutions are finally over. I’d even say that airlines that focused on the cloud earlier navigated through the Coronacrisis much swifter — at least from an IT perspective. Of course, cloud computing is…

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Airline Cost Control

6 Essential Cost-Control KPIs To Manage Airline Operations

Cost-Control and Cost-Reduction — probably the two words you hear most when talking to airlines nowadays. Due to Corona and the whole pandemic situation, airlines are suffering enormous pressure to reduce costs. And I’m convinced that only those airlines that manage to control and reduce costs will survive in the long-term. Of course, in the…

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Airline Fuel Efficiency

The Definitive Airline Fuel Efficiency Guide

For the first time ever, we’ve produced a massive fuel-related content piece — the “Definitive Fuel Efficiency Guide.” The document contains more than 10 of our most-read blog posts, plus some unpublished material that will help to drive your airline’s fuel efficiency. So, if you prefer a well-curated document instead of browsing through a blog,…

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Airline Fuel Efficiency — 10 eFueling Benefits You Can Realize Now!

If you’re searching the web, you’ll find hundreds of articles about airlines and fuel efficiency. Articles that focus on process improvements, new aircraft equipment, or entirely new engines and airplanes. And I’m pretty sure that most of the texts provide value and a reasonable approach. So why another article about airline fuel efficiency? Well, I…

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The next big innovation at airlines

The Next Disrupting Innovation: How Airlines Can Use Voice Assistants.

Identifying the next big disruptive innovation —for airlines or business in general— isn’t that easy. However, this blog post is a huge topic that has been on my mind for many months now. It goes back to the acquisition of my first Alexa device somewhere around late 2018. Since then, a lot happened. Almost every…

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60-30-10 — The Most Essential Airline KPI Dashboard Rule

The success of an airline KPI dashboard stands and falls with the right KPIs — and following the right rules. Indeed, there are many other factors I’m not getting tired of mentioning. Perfect visualization, seamless integration, or mobile usage are just a few aspects in this context. Nonetheless, without the right KPIs, your dashboard project…

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Announcing aFeed

We’re going to launch a brand new solution called aFeed. As many of you already know, we’re really thrilled about airline operations content and KPIs. But on top of that, we’re genuinely convinced that it’s time to re-define the way we consume information and the content itself. We’ve been putting out lots of content that’s…

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14 Rapid Fire Questions On Electronic Fueling For Airlines

Since our latest article about airline Electronic Fueling (eFueling), we’ve received several questions from you. That’s why we thought it’s time to do another rapid-fire question session. Therefore, we selected 14 most-relevant questions about Electronic Fueling. Here we go with your questions on airline electronic fueling. 1 — What’s the difference between Electronic Fueling, Digital…

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Digital Aircraft Fueling

Aircraft Fueling Process — Why COVID-19 Is Urging The Digitization.

I am a big fan of digital aircraft fueling processes (eFueling) at airlines. If you are a frequent reader of this blog or podcast listener, this might not surprise you. During the last couple of months, I have been publishing content about digital aircraft fueling processes regularly. Even at the dawn of COVID-19, I published…

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Sign Up For Blasting KPI, Content And Technology Thoughts

We made a huge announcement recently that we revamped our weekly newsletter: ID1 Weekly In case you didn’t see on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we made some major changes to the ID1 Weekly: We visually loaded it up to make it even easier to consume Introduced a new structure aiming to bring you the…

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Airline Technology Trend

21 Must-Knows About The Most Important Airline Technology Trend

Feed-based content apps are one of the hottest airline technology developments that currently going on. Since the publication of the idea to transform KPI solutions from static dashboards to dynamic content feeds, we’ve received a lot of questions on comments.  Undoubtedly, feed-based approaches open the door to a new dimension of airline KPIs and operations…

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Airline KPI Ideas

5 Ideas To Boost Airline Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Boosting your airline’s KPIs with new ideas seems never like a wrong idea. However, the current pandemic causes many airlines to re-think their key performance indicators’ (KPI) usage.  Some are forced to establish new KPIs or deploy new concepts that cope with the current de-centralized working situation. Whether you are in that situation or just…

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The Top 5 Podcasts From The ID1 Audio Experience

When my team came up with the idea to start a podcast about airline KPIs, content, and technology, I was quite skeptical. Although I’m the biggest fan of creating content, I found it hard to imagine that a podcast focusing on such niche topics will work. During the past 12 months, it turned out that…

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Why Your Airline Needs Key Performance Indicators Now More Than Ever?

I love airline key performance indicators (KPI). Probably, I love KPIs in general. They give me the feeling of being in control (although I’m not a control freak). And of course, many of the discussions I have with colleagues from airlines revolve around KPIs. Here’s A Little Backstory First I’m currently running that super-amazing format…

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Content-At-Scale — What Airlines Can Learn From Social Media.

In my discussions about social media with airlines, most of the colleagues solely think about marketing and customer. This isn’t wrong. Especially since today’s social media channels provide limitless possibilities for these areas. However, I think airlines have to go one step further. Instead using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as marketing or customer communication tool…

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benjamin walther

Q&A Session — A very special, personal edition!

It was an immense pleasure to host another Q&A session today. However, this Q&A session was slightly different from the other sessions I’ve been hosting so far. Instead of answering airline-, airline operations-, KPI-, and technology-related questions, it was getting more personal today. Since we’ve been receiving several personal questions, we thought it’s a good…

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Airline KPI Trends

10 Essential Airline KPI Trends You Have To Watch

From time to time, I love to publish my thoughts and predictions about the trends in the world of airline KPI. Although I’m not right with each forecasted trend, my hit rate seems to be quite good.   The last time I wrote down my thoughts about airline KPI trends was by the end of 2019…

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What We’Ve Learned From Cargo Airlines And Crisis: Spotlight On Cargo KPIs

We’re all aware that during current Corona times, airlines have suffered possibly the biggest crisis in aviation history. However, cargo airlines are one part of aviation that hasn’t ceased operations. On the contrary, it has continued to put all efforts into providing the necessary medical and essential food supplies within countries.  Cargo airlines have reinvented…

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Airline Operations

Why You Need To Track 10,000 Airline Operations KPIs In Real-Time

Airline operations KPIs have been around for quite a while. Actually, I guess there’s no airline in the world that doesn’t track and monitor their on-time performance, regularity, or seat load factor. Especially during the last years, airlines have started to set up additional airline operations KPIs, allowing them to track processes more in detail…

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Insights Into A New Approach Of Real-Time Flight Tracking.

Have you ever considered the possibility of tracking an entire flight process? From its initial planning until its arrival to a destination? Today, I want to share with you a concept that will allow you to track each step of a flight in a chronological manner and the most important in real-time. But why do…

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Smart Airline KPIs — Dipping A Toe Into Innovative Water

Let’s start with a blast: Smart airline KPIs will revolutionize the world of airline KPIs. But no worries, I won’t leave you with this bold statement. On the contrary, with this blog, I want to dip a toe into this innovative idea. What Are You Going To Learn With This Blog Post? There are four…

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Airline KPI Tips

5 Essential Airline KPI Tips To Unleash The Full Potential

One of the questions I’m asked most during Tea with Me sessions is about important airline KPI tips — especially operations KPIs. What are the essential aspects when setting up airline operations KPIs and what kind of tips do I give to clients? Although I already wrote some blog posts about this topic, I thought…

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5 Passenger-Oriented KPIs That Airports Should Keep On Their Radar.

As airlines take care of their passengers, airports must also focus on taking care of the travelers’ experience. Therefore, today I want to share with you five passenger-oriented KPIs that airports should take into account to guarantee the clients’ satisfaction. This doesn’t mean that operational KPIs for airports are not relevant, and that’s why you…

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3 Steps That Will Improve Your Airline’s Turnaround Process Awareness

Let’s kick-off this blog post with a simple question: How aware are you of your airline’s turnaround process?  I’m pretty sure that most of you answer that question with the confidence to know how a turnaround works. Moreover, it even sounds like a trivial question to you.  However, when moving away from a generic level…

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Aviation Fuel Software: Why The Network Effect Is Grossly Underrated!

Discussions about aviation fuel software are most often focused on functional aspects. Indeed, the functional spectrum of an aviation fuel software is essential. However, there’s one aspect that is even more important than having the fanciest functionality: The network effect! The network effect is so unbelievably powerful. Unfortunately and surprisingly, at the same time the…

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Re-Starting Your Airline After COVID-19 — Here Are The KPIs You Need!

There’s probably no other industry that has been hit by COVID-19 as hard as the airline industry. Times are tough like they’ve never been for airlines. Aircraft are grounded, flight schedules are operated at a minimum and many airlines shut down their operations even completely. It might feel strange and optimistic, but I’m totally convinced…

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kpis airline operations

70 Airline Operations KPIs To Track For Improved Performance

We updated this article on 3rd April 2020 to include five additional airline KPIs related to crisis situations. The most successful airlines are successful because they keep tracking and monitoring their airline operations KPIs. They’re literally swimming in data and performance indicators. These airlines understood that every decision has to be based on data and…

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Airport Dashboard: 4 Essential Examples For Improved Operations

Many people ask me why I mainly focus on airlines with my blog posts and don’t write about airports or other aviation-enterprises when it comes to KPIs and dashboards? Undoubtedly, airlines make out the most significant part of our clients. Additionally, I worked on many more airlines than airport projects and therefore feel more comfortable…

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I need you to start thinking airline dashboards dynamically

When I was sitting together with my team end of 2019, and we discussed airline dashboard trends of the upcoming year, there was one thing that absolutely clear to us: Dynamic dashboards and KPIs will gain a massive importance. That trend describes the ability for airlines to react much quicker on current situations and adjust…

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Why I’m so pumped about eFueling and push airlines to go all-in.

Airlines are undergoing super-tough times at the moment. The CORONA crisis hits almost every airline in one or another way. And as always is such situations, cost-cutting and saving programs are on top of the agenda. Call me crazy, but I think that this is exactly the right time to start exploring the potential of…

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Data Visualization for Aviation Industry KPIs

23 Visuals to Boost Your Airline KPI Dashboard

Today, you’re going to learn exactly how to best visualize information on your airline kpi dashboard. In fact, these are proven chart types that our customers use within A:Wall. To overwatch departure and arrival punctuality. To handle passenger misconnection. Or even to rule maintenance. And I should point something out: We might start with some…

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Airline Fuel Costs

How Electronic Fueling Reduces Your Airline’s Fuel Costs.

Fuel costs still represent the main cost driver for airlines. This hasn’t changed over the last decades. Nonetheless, during the last three to five years, cost-saving programs weren’t a top priority — at least for many airlines. Indeed, many airlines ran efficiency programs and aimed to deliver the product at competitive prices. However, the focus…

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Q&A Session Part 2 — 9 super-relevant airline dashboard questions

Today I had another great session, when I sat together with my colleague, Larissa, to answer, this time, 9 questions she has been receiving from you. We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of questions we have been receiving and really humbled to be able to provide additional value to you. So please, keep sending us…

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Death of the airline dashboard — why it needs more to get the ATTENTION

The title of this blog post may confuse you. Aren’t I am the one who runs a company that sells airline operations & KPI dashboards? Aren’t I am the one who continuously pushes the importance of real-time information and KPIs? Absolutely correct. It’s still me, and I am not running through a galloping schizophrenia. But…

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