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Swift & easy onboarding

With aFuel, you have two integration options. You either choose our aFuel Cockpit app that allows you to instantly utilize aFuel and all its benefits without any integration efforts. Install it on the EFB of your pilots and we are ready to go! Or you decide to opt for the full integration approach, where we jointly develop a blueprint to seamlessly embed the aFuel workflow into your current process and IT infrastructure, including all the applications that your pilots are already using today. 

aFuel Cockpit

Instant usage of aFuel without any integration required. Runs on iOS and Android.

Standard airline systems compatible with aFuel. Including LIDO, ACARS, Sabre, and others.

Successfully accomplished projects with airlines all over the globe.

Worldwide airports where aFuel is operating every day!

Integrated global into-plane agents!
No costs

We take the full invest for connecting new and into plane agents.

A global network ready to join!

Using aFuel also means joining the world’s largest fueling network. Currently, we count over 140 airports worldwide where aFuel is available to our clients. And that’s not even the end of the story. Expanding the network together with our clients is our primary mission. And because we view all that as an investment into our product, we take over the costs. Let’s make the largest digital fueling network even larger.

Based on IATA industry standards

Every exchange handled via aFuel is communicated as an IATA AIDX message. AIDX is an industry-renowned standard developed and constantly refined by the IATA. By using such a proven and established standard, we ensure the highest level of technological certainty for the future.


Level of data quality for all your fueling activities

Equal process everywhere, making performance comparison easy


Instant availability of your fueling information

A digital twin for every fueling process

In the past, the fueling process has been a blind spot for many airlines regarding data availability and quality. With aFuel, this completely changes. Every single fueling process within your network follows the same digital procedure. The stellar data quality allows for in-depth performance to improve your processes even further.

The swiss army knife of aircraft fueling

Most of the aFuel magic happens smoothly in the background. However, it offers some very distinctive features for you to benefit from. Including ready-to-use features like eSignature and QuantiChecks which make the fueling process even faster and robust. Additionally, aFuel comes with a predefined BI data interface that allows you to request your individual data sets for further analysis.


Digitally sign all fuel slips in accordance with EU legislation

Automated quantity checks for every fueling operation
BI Interface

Supplier your BI team with the data they are dreaming of

Always on for you!

We know that you need to keep your operations running at all times, so we do everything to help you with that. Our customer support team is always available for you if anything is not working how it is supposed to. To prevent that from happening in the first place, we have implemented extremely high standards. High SLA uptime? Check! Extensive knowledge base giving you all the information you need? Check! A dedicated customer experience manager?

You want it, you get it! Any new ideas on how we can get better? Let us know

Cyber security — fully certified

From working with worldwide airlines for decades, we know how to take cybersecurity seriously. Information Design One is a ISO27001-certified company, while aFuel is fully SOC2- and GDPR compliant. We are continually working to extend the list of certifications, to make sure you can sleep tight at night, knowing your data is as safe.

Information Security

ID1 is a ISO27001-certified company

aFuel is SOC2 and GDPR-compliant for all clients
Powered by AWS

The system is hosted on AWS utilizing all included security features

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