The aFuel Business Case

The benefits of aFuel are manifold and have been mentioned over and over again. Now, let’s have a detailed look at them to understand the impact of aFuel.

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Turnaround Minutes

The turnaround process is crucial for airline success. Optimizing the fueling process has been challenging due to changing suppliers and lack of universal standards. However, with aFuel, this changes completely, offering tangible benefits. The optimized turnaround process has two key aspects: shortening the overall duration and improving efficiency. A digital approach can reduce the fueling process time by an average of 25%, mainly through improved communication and eliminating unnecessary steps.

Small airline

(2.000 flights/month)

25% – 13 h/month

75% – 40 h/month

100% – 53 h/month

Medium airline

(10.000 flights/month)

25% – 70 h/month

75% – 208 h/month

100% – 278 h/month

Large airline

(20.000 flights/month)

25% – 140 h/month

75% – 418 h/month

100% – 557 h/month

Tankering savings

With aFuel, pilots can easily communicate with the into-plane agent, whether on the ground or in the air, regarding tankering flights. This improves the stability of the turnaround process by providing upfront communication. The ability to communicate in advance and make changes during the flight prevents unnecessary no-show fees of $35 on average per flight. Additionally, aFuel offers algorithmic features for automated tankering forecasts and adjustments, further increasing savings. 

Small airline

(240 tankering flights/month)

25% – 2.100 $/month
75% – 6.300 $/month
100% – 8.400 $/month

Medium airline

(1.200 tankering flights/month)

25% – 10.500 $/month
75% – 31.500 $/month
100% – 42.000 $/month

Large airline

(2.400 tankering flights/month)

25% – 21.000 $/month
75% – 63.000 $/month
100% – 84.000 $/month

Data Quality

aFuel revolutionizes data fueling quality by establishing a streamlined digital process that eliminates the manual transfer of paper fuel slips. With aFuel, airlines receive high-quality digital data from every station and supplier, reducing back-office workload and enabling performance monitoring and process improvements. The extensive and standardized fueling data can be integrated into overall turnaround analysis, offering immense potential for process improvements. However, airlines must effectively utilize this newfound data to identify the areas with the greatest potential for improvement.

Carbon Footprint

aFuel offers two key opportunities for positive and sustainable impact. Firstly, eliminating paper-based processes reduces waste. Additionally, upfront communication for tankering flights minimizes CO2 emissions and eradicates associated fuel truck movements. While these steps may seem small, they are crucial in striving towards a sustainable aviation industry.

Backoffice Workload

aFuel offers benefits beyond the operational fueling process by improving subsequent processes through digital communication. With aFuel, fuel slips are issued digitally and seamlessly transferred into the invoicing system. The standardized format and data quality of fuel slips from connected airports further streamline the process. This automation relieves employees from repetitive tasks and improves overall process quality. 

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