Discover the World’s Busiest Airlines! Here are the top airlines’ latest global and regional rankings by the number of flights in June 2021.

World's Busiest airlines — June 2021

World’s Busiest Airlines By Number of Flights

In fact, there are dozens of attributes to rate, rank, and benchmark airlines: Number of passengers, destinations, or capacity are just a few examples. However, the number of flights is one of the attributes that perfectly reflects the current size of an airline. That’s why we specifically looked at this figure and put together the lists of the world’s busiest airlines. Here’s what’s contained in detail:

Top 20 World’s Busiest Airlines

Regional Spotlight
Asia / Pacific Top 20 Busiest Airlines
Europe Top 20 Busiest Airlines
North America Top 20 Busiest Airlines
Latin America Top 20 Busiest Airlines

Top 20 World’s Busiest Airlines

When looking at the world’s busiest airlines, China and the United States continue to dominate the ranking. Twelve of twenty airlines are based in the United States or China. Unsurprisingly, the picture is identical to the latest airport ranking.

Four Airlines With More Than 100,000 Flights
In June 2021, four airlines operated more than 100,000 flights. However, all airlines are located in the United States: American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. Based on the number of flights, American Airlines is by far the world’s busiest airline — operating almost 45,000 flights more than Delta on rank 2.

European and Latin American Airlines’ Traffic Remains at low Level.
Only five out of the 20 busiest airlines are based in Europe or Latin America. Moreover, the number of flights is relatively low compared to the big US or Chinese players.

American Airlines — World's Busiest Airline in June 2021
American Airlines — World’s Busiest Airline in June 2021 — By Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia
1AAAmerican AirlinesUSA173,464
2DLDelta Air LinesUSA129,989
3UAUnited AirlinesUSA106,801
4WNSouthwest AirlinesUSA100,689
5MUChina Eastern AirlinesChina64,000
6G5China Express AirlinesChina40,037
7CAAir ChinaChina39,243
9ASAlaska AirlinesUSA33,862
10TKTurkish AirlinesTurkey26,174
13AFAir FranceFrance22,565
15MFXiamen AirlinesChina19,777
16NHAll Nippon AirwaysJapan19,446
17NKSpirit AirlinesUSA18,685
18ZHShenzhen AirlinesChina18,454
20ADAzul AirlinesBrazil17,233

Asia – Pacific Top 20 Busiest Airlines

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of Asia’s busiest airlines are based in China. More precisely, eight of the top 20 are located in China. Moreover, the number of flights varies largely between the top Asian players and airlines ranking on position ten or lower. For example, whereas China Eastern on the first rank operated more than 60,000 flights, Japan Airlines on position ten handled 14,000, and SpiceJet on position 20 operated only 6,000 flights.

China Eastern Airlines — Asia Busiest Airline in June 2021
China Eastern Airlines — Asia Busiest Airline in June 2021 — By N509FZ – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0
1MUChina Eastern AirlinesChina64,000
2G5China Express AirlinesChina40,037
3CAAir ChinaChina39,243
4MFXiamen AirlinesChina19,777
5NHAll Nippon AirwaysJapan19,446
6ZHShenzhen AirlinesChina18,454
8HUHainan AirlinesChina17,167
9QFQantas AirwaysAustralia15,835
10JLJapan AirlinesJapan14,418
119CSpring AirlinesChina13,843
12JTLion AirIndonesia12,644
13NZAir New ZealandNew Zealand12,355
14IDBatik AirIndonesia9,733
15GSTianJin AirlinesChina8,130
17G8Go AirIndia8,051
18VAVirgin AustraliaAustralia7,741
19JQJetstar AirwaysAustralia7,510

Europe, Middle East & Africa Top 20 Busiest Airlines

According to the number of flights, Ryanair is Europe’s busiest airline. Ryanair operated almost 40,000 flights in June — 12,000 more than Turkish Airlines on the second rank. Besides, we have a mixed field of airlines from various countries. Interesting fact: The former top players, Emirates, and Etihad are currently not among the top 20 EMEA airlines in terms of the number of flights.

2TKTurkish AirlinesTurkey26,174
4AFAir FranceFrance22,565
7S7S7 AirlinesRussia12,609
8U2EasyjetUnited Kingdom12,310
9SVSaudi Arabian AirlinesSaudi Arabia12,264
10PCPegasus AirlinesTurkey12,012
11W6Wizz AirHungary11,441
13VYVueling AirlinesSpain10,100
14QRQatar AirwaysQatar9,738
18ETEthiopian AirlinesEthiopia7,498
19U6Ural AirlinesRussia6,749

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North America Top 20 Busiest Airlines

When looking at North America, we currently find three types of airlines. First, we have the big four —American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Southwest— operating more than 100,000 flights. Second, we have mid-sized airlines in a second category: Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, Spirit, Frontier, and Allegiant — operating 10,000 to 35,000 flights. And finally, we have the third category operating a few hundred to 10,000 flights.

1AAAmerican AirlinesUSA173,464
2DLDelta Air LinesUSA129,989
3UAUnited AirlinesUSA106,801
4WNSouthwest AirlinesUSA100,689
5ASAlaska AirlinesUSA33,862
7NKSpirit AirlinesUSA18,685
8F9Frontier AirlinesUSA13,449
9G4Allegiant Air LLCUSA12,525
109KCape AirUSA9,608
11ACAir CanadaCanada8,615
12HAHawaiian AirlinesUSA6,035
14SYSun Country AirlinesUSA1,978
153MSilver AirwaysUSA1,611
16PBPAL AirlinesCanada1,481
173HAir InuitCanada1,070
188PPacific Coastal AirlinesCanada905
204NAir NorthCanada290

Latin America Top 20 Busiest Airlines

LATAM remains to be Latin America’s busiest airline. However, Azul, on the second rank, operated only 3,000 flights less than LATAM. Furthermore, Aeromexico, Volaris, and Avianca operated more than 10,000 monthly flights.

LATAM — Latin America's Busiest Airlines
LATAM — Latin America’s Busiest Airlines — By Rafael Luiz Canossa – A320neo LATAM, CC BY-SA 2.0,
2ADAzul AirlinesBrazil17,233
8CMCopa AirlinesPanama5,333
9VHViva Air ColombiaColombia3,198
10H2Sky AirlineChile1,719
11JYIntercaribbean AirwaysTurks and Caicos1,577
12ARAerolineas ArgentinasArgentina1,515
13VWTransportes AeromarMexico1,251
14BBSeaborne AirlinesVirgin Islands1,010
15YQTAR AerolineasMexico861
182IStar PeruPeru660
19KXCayman AirwaysCayman Islands617
20TXAir CaraibesGuadeloupe616

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Data Source: OAG Punctuality League


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