• Control your airline's operational performance.

    Digitally, seamlessly and efficiently. And rely on an unmatchable comprehensive situational awareness.

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Information Design

The world's leading provider of real-time situational awareness.

At Information Design we provide solutions to help aviation businesses gain control of their operations — always led by the superior goal of designing solutions, specifically for the way people work today and building a foundation for insights, awareness and solid business decisions.

Insights & Inspiration

Find out how real-time performance facts and situational awareness can help you to gain control of your airline operations.

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Airline KPI Guide — Operations
An overview of most relevant KPIs in the area of airline operations

The A:Wall

Control your airline's operations — like never before.

With the A:Wall we've designed a solution to provide managers and decision-makers a new level of situational awareness. Be aware of your operations and your most important performance indicators — at any time from wherever you are.