Airline Punctuality Report June 2021 — The Most Comprehensive Ranking

The Airline Punctuality Report June 2021 brings you the most comprehensive on-time performance data of the world's airline: Detailed analyses, regional benchmarks, and much more!

Once again, we analyzed the punctuality data of the world’s airlines and presented the most comprehensive airline punctuality report. Here’s what’s contained in detail:

Airline Punctuality Report — Ranking By Airline Size
Major Airlines Top 15
Mid-Sized Airlines Top 15
Small Airlines Top 15

Airline Punctuality Report — Ranking By Region
Asia Pacific Top 15
Europe, Middle East & Africa Top 15
North America Top 15
Latin America Top 15

Airline Punctuality Report — Most Unpunctual Airlines
Top 15 Most Unpunctual AIrlines

Airline Punctuality Report — Ranking By Airline Size

Major Airlines Top 15

Major airlines are carriers with more than 10,000 monthly flights.

Similar to the last ranking, Spanish airlines continue to deliver an outstanding punctuality performance. However, this month, Japanese airlines slightly stole the show and ranked first and second.

Key Take-Aways

  • All Nippon Airlines recorded an exceptional performance of 97.7%, making them the world’s most punctual major airline.
  • Japan Airlines follows on position two with an on-time performance of 96.0%.
  • Besides Iberia and Vueling, Indigo, Ryanair, KLM, LATAM, and Aeroflot also achieved more than 90% punctuality.
  • Despite operating a much higher flight volume (~130,000 flights), Delta Air Lines managed to maintain a stable punctuality and ranks 13th.
Airline Punctuality Report — ANA Most Punctual Major Airlines
All Nippon Airways — Most Punctual Major Airline |  By Masgatotkaca – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
RankIATAAirlineCountryArrival OTPNo. Flights
1NHAll Nippon AirwaysJapan97.7%19,446
2JLJapan AirlinesJapan96.0%14,418
10ADAzul AirlinesBrazil89.6%17,233
11U2EasyjetUnited Kingdom89.0%12,310
13DLDelta Air LinesUnited States86.7%129,898
14TKTurkish AirlinesTurkey86.7%26,174
Airline Punctuality Report — Top 15 Major Airlines

Mid-Sized Airlines Top 15

Mid-sized airlines are carriers with more than 1,000 and less than 10,000 monthly flights.

When looking at the most punctual mid-sized airlines, carriers from Japan again play an essential role. Besides Skymark (#1), Jetstar Japan, and Japan Transocean made it into the Top 15.

Key Take-Aways

  • With Garuda Indonesia, Singapore Airlines, Vistara, Thai Lion Air, and Philippine Airlines, we have another five Asian airlines on the ranking.
  • As a result, more than half of the Top 15 punctual mid-sized airlines are from Asia.
  • Moreover, worth mentioning that all airlines on the Top 15 achieved an on-time performance above 93%.
RankIATAAirlineCountryArrival OTPNo. Flights
1BCSkymark AirlinesJapan98.1%2,839
2GAGaruda IndonesiaIndonesia97.6%4,496
4SQSingapore AirlinesSingapore96.1%2,618
5GKJetstar JapanJapan95.9%1,158
7FASafairSouth Africa95.4%1,830
9SLThai Lion AirThailand93.7%1,098
11MNComairSouth Africa93.4%1,024
12NUJapan TransoceanJapan93.3%1,285
14OUCroatia AirlinesCroatia93.2%1,416
15PRPhilippine AirlinesPhilippines93.1%2,420
Airline Punctuality Report — Top 15 Mid-Sized Airlines
Airline Punctuality Report — Most Punctual Mid-Sized Airlines
Skymark Airlines — Most Punctual Mid-Sized Airline | CC BY-SA 3.0

Small Airlines Top 15

Small airlines are carriers with more than 100 and less than 1,000 monthly flights.

When looking at smaller airlines, Thailand’s airlines seem to dominate the Airline Punctuality Report. Based on the punctuality of 98.6%, Thai Smile Airways ranks first, followed by Bangkok Airways (98.2%) and Thai AirAsia (97.6%). Besides that, we have a mixed field of airlines from Europe, Africa, North-, and Latin America.

Moreover, worth mentioning that all airlines on the Top 15 achieved an on-time performance above 94%.

RankIATAAirlineCountryArrival OTPNo. Flights
1WEThai Smile AirwaysThailand98.6%466
2PGBangkok AirwaysThailand98.2%220
3FDThai AirAsiaThailand97.6%532
4E5Air Arabia EgyptEgypt97.2%427
5JXStarlux AirlineChina97.1%208
68PPacific Coastal AirlinesCanada96.4%905
8BSUS-Bangla AirlinesBangladesh95.5%112
9SBAir CaledonieNew Caledonia95.5%148
10D2Severstal AircompanyRussia95.0%799
11GMChair AirlinesSwitzerland94.8%128
12GEGlobal Aviation OperationsSouth Africa94.6%220
13XLLATAM EcuadorEcuador94.6%530
143WMalawian AirlinesMalawi94.4%161
15FLAir LeapSweden94.3%599
Airline Punctuality Report — Top 15 Small Airlines
Airline Punctuality Report — Most Punctual Small Airlines
Thai Smile Airways — Most Punctual Small Airlines | By Alec Wilson from Khon Kaen, Thailand – HS-TXR, CC BY-SA 2.0


Airline Punctuality Report — Ranking By Region

With the following rankings by region, we include all airlines that operated more than 100 flights in June.

Asia Pacific Top 15

As already mentioned, Asian airlines perform exceptionally well in terms of punctuality at the moment. All airlines in the top 15 achieved an on-time performance above 94% — which is an outstanding result. Again, carriers from Thailand and Japan dominate the ranking — with four airlines from each country.

RankIATAAirlineCountryArrival OTPNo. Flights
1WEThai Smile AirwaysThailand98.6%466
2PGBangkok AirwaysThailand98.2%220
3BCSkymark AirlinesJapan98.1%2,839
4NHAll Nippon AirwaysJapan97.7%19,446
5GAGaruda IndonesiaIndonesia97.6%4,496
6FDThai Air AsiaThailand97.6%532
7JXStarlux AirlinesChina97.1%208
8SQSingapore AirlinesSingapore96.1%2,618
9JLJapan AirlinesJapan96.0%14,418
10GKJetstar JapanJapan95.9%1,158
11BSUS-Banla AirlinesBangladesh95.5%112
12SBAir CaledonieNew Caledonia95.5%148
144HHi AirSouth Korea94.1%284
15TGThai AirwaysThailand94.1%457
Airline Punctuality Report — Top 15 Airlines Asia Pacific

Europe, Middle East & Africa Top 15

When looking at Europe, Middle East, and Africa, the punctuality report shows some interesting results. Besides the top players from Spain (Vueling and Iberia), most airlines’ top 15 are smaller carriers. Although TUIfly and Safair performed more than 1,800 flights, most carriers performed less than 1,000 flights.

RankIATAAirlineCountryArrival OTPNo. Flights
1E5Air Arabia EgyptEgypt97.2%427
5FASafairSouth Africa95.4%1,830
8GMChair AirlinesSwitzerland94.8%128
9GEGlobal Aviation OperationsSouth Africa94.6%220
113WMalawian AirlinesMalawi94.4%161
12FLAir LeapSweden94.3%599
13ZBAir AlbaniaAlbania94.3%238
14MNComairSouth Africa93.4%1,024
15OUCroatia AirlinesCroatia93.2%1,416
Airline Punctuality Report — Top 15 Europe, Middle East, Africa
Air Arabia Egypt — Most Punctual EMEA Airlines

North America Top 15

The North American Top 15 most punctual airlines can be titled “light and shadow.” Pacific Coastal, Westjet, and Swoop (all based in Canada) achieved very solid OTP above 90%. However, the ranking also includes carriers with punctuality results below 80%. In fact, Spirit Airlines, Air North, and American Airlines reported punctuality even below 75%

RankIATAAirlineCountryArrival OTPNo. Flights
18PPacific Coastal AirlinesCanada96.4%905
4ACAir CandaCanada88.1%8,615
5HAHawaiian AirlinesUnited States87.5%6,035
6DLDelta Air LinesUnited States86.7%129,989
77QElite AirwaysUnited States85.0%150
8SYSun Country AirlinesUnited States84.3%1,978
99KCape AirUnited States83.1%9,608
10ASAlaska AirlinesUnited States80.8%33,862
11PBPAL AirlinesCanada78.5%1,481
12UAUnited AirlinesUnited States75.3%106,801
13AAAmerican AirlinesUnited States74.4%173,464
144NAir NorthCanada74.3%290
15NKSpirit AirlinesUnited States73.5%18,685
Airline Punctuality Report — Top 15 Airlines North America
Pacific Coastal Airlines — Most Punctual North American Airlines

Latin America Top 15

The Latin American results are similar to North America. With LATAM Ecuador, GOL, Copa, and LATAM, we have few top players that achieved punctuality above 90%. However, with Seaborne and Volaris, we also have airlines in the top 15 that operated punctuality below 80%.

RankIATAAirlineCountryArrival OTPNo. Flights
1XLLATAM EcuadorEcuador94.6%530
3CMCopa AirlinesPanama91.8%5,333
5ADAzul AirlinesBrazil89.6%17,233
7Q6Volaris Costa RicaCosta Rica88.0%304
8VVViva Air PeruPeru88.0%357
9TATACAEl Salvador87.7%228
10VHViva Air ColombiaColombia86.1%3,198
11H2Sky AirlinesChile82.5%1,719
12ARAerolineas ArgentinaArgentina82.4%1,515
13BWCaribbean AirlinesTrinidad & Tobago80.5%528
14BBSeaborne AirlinesVirgin Islands79.2%1,010
Airline Punctuality Report — Top 15 Airlines Latin America

Airline Punctuality Report — Most Unpunctual Airlines

Flop 15 Most Unpunctual Airlines

Finally, a look at the most unpunctual airlines. Shocking to see that four airlines achieved punctuality of 0%. And even more surprising to see China Express, an airline that operated more than 40,000 flights and ranks among the busiest airlines of the month, reported punctuality of 0.1%.

RankIATAAirlineCountryArrival OTPNo. Flights
1BUCompagnie AfricaineCongo0.0%441
2IESolomon AirlinesSolomon Islands0.0%536
3LTLongJiang AirlinesChina0.0%236
4DZDonghai AirlinesChina0.0%1,666
5G5China Express AirlinesChina0.1%40,037
6R3Yakutia AirlinesRussia0.9%1,114
79CSpring AirlinesChina15.3%13,843
8RANepal AirlinesNepal16.1%162
10U6Ural AirlinesRussia31.9%6,749
112IStar PeruPeru32.9%660
12ODMalindo AirwaysMalaysia38.2%662
13IFFly BaghdadIraq40.0%260
14KXCayman AirwaysCayman Island40.6%617
15JQJetstar AirwaysAustralia41.0%7,510
Airline Punctuality Report — Top 15 Most Unpunctual Airlines

Airline Punctuality Report — What Do You Think?

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Data Source: OAG Airline Punctuality League

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