Vueling: August Performance Report — Flights, Punctuality & Reliability

Here's the most comprehensive operations performance report about Spain's biggest low-cost carrier Vueling. We looked at flight volume, punctuality, and reliability in August. Here are the results!

Since we conducted a detailed analysis about Vueling covering February to July, we wanted to know how Spain’s biggest low-cost carrier continues in August. Therefore, we checked the latest performance figures and analyzed Vueling’s operational performance. As a result, we provide you with details about Vueling’s flight volume, conduct a comparison to pre-COVID, and take a closer look at punctuality and reliability in August. Enjoy!

The shown values are based on internal data sources. If you want to get access to airline performance figures in real-time, click here.

Vueling — August Performance Summary

  • Vueling continued to grow its flight volume massively. After a growth of 50% in July, Vueling added another 17% in August.
  • As a result, Vueling operated more than 18,000 flights for the first time since early 2021.
  • At the same time, Vueling maintained punctuality and schedule reliability at a very high level.

Vueling — Flight Volume

Vueling achieved a new record in terms of operated flights — at least since COVID hit the aviation industry. For the first time since early 2020, Vueling operated more than 18,000 flights in August. Compared to July, that’s a massive increase of more than 17%. Moreover, we have to bear in mind that Vueling had grown by 50% in July already.

Even more impressive: Vueling was up 287% in August compared to the annual, monthly average. The Spanish carrier managed to grow from a low of 1,260 monthly flights in February to 10,000 flights in June, 15,500 in July, and now 18,400 in August.

Vueling Flight Volume August '21
Flight Volume August ’21
Vueling - Flight Volume August vs. prev. month
Flight Volume August vs. prev. month
Vueling - Flight Volume August vs. annual average
Flight Volume August vs. annual average

Vueling — Pre-COVID Comparison

Like most airlines, Vueling isn’t back to a pre-COVID flight volume level yet. With 18,400 flights in August, Vueling is 3,500 short compared to pre-COVID. When putting the figures into relation, Vueling operates ~84% of its pre-COVID flight volume. However, compared to many European —and even U.S. airlines— this value represents a strong performance. Especially in Europe, many airlines are still 40%-60% below their pre-COVID volume.

Vueling — August Flight Volume vs. pre-COVID
Vueling — August Flight Volume vs. pre-COVID
Vueling — August Flight Volume vs. pre-COVID
Vueling — August Flight Volume vs. pre-COVID (%)

Vueling — Punctuality and Reliabiltiy

In terms of punctuality and reliability, Vueling continued to perform at very high quality. Looking at Vueling’s on-time performance in August, the carrier is perfectly aligned with its annual average (94.4%). Moreover, after a slight dip in July (90.4%) —mainly due to the tremendous growth rate— the airline managed to return to its strong performance in August again. As a result, Vueling continued to be one of the most punctual airlines in Europe.

Punctuality counts the number of flights that arrive +15/-15 minutes to their scheduled arrival time and relates that to the overall number of performed flights.

Concerning reliability, Vueling was slightly below its annual average. In August, the airline canceled 0.3% of its scheduled flights. Compared to the yearly average, Vueling was up 0.15pp. However, two positive aspects to mention: First, Vueling increased the reliability compared to July by 0.5pp. Second, and even more important, Vueling’s reliability in August was one of Europes best.

Reliability counts the number of flights that actually have been operated and relates to the overall number of scheduled flights. Subsequently, the gap to 100% is flights that have been canceled.

Vueling - On-Time Performance August
Vueling – On-Time Performance August
Vueling - Reliability August
Vueling – Reliability August

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