World’s Busiest Airline Routes In August 2021 (Domestic + International)

Once again, we took a look at the busiest airlines routes. Therefore, we analyzed the busiest international and regional airline routes in August 2021!

Based on OAG data, we’ve analyzed the world’s busiest airline routes. Here’s an overview of what you will find on this blog post:

World’s Busiest Domestic Routes

Although the Asian market continued to be the most vital aviation market, the list of busiest airline routes became more diversified in August. Compared to recent rankings, the Chinese dominance decreased. However, as in the previous months, Jeju-Seoul remains the world’s busiest airline route.

Besides three Chinese routes, Japan and South Korea add two routes to the top 10. With Cancun-Mexico City, we have a Latin American route in the top 10 for the first time. Moreover, Jeddah-Riyadh remains a robust domestic route. Furthermore, it is fascinating that European and North American routes are again not part of the busiest domestic routes.

CTS-HNDSapporoTokyo Haneda772K
PEK-SHABeijingShanghai Hongqiao718K
FUK-HNDFukuokaTokyo Haneda680K
CUN-MEXCancunMexico City545K
HND-OKATokyo HanedaOkinawa540K
CAN-SHAGuangzhouShanghai Hongqiao538K
SHA-SZXShanghai HongqiaoShenzhen531K
Top 10 Busiest Domestic Routes – August 2021
World's busiest airline routes — Jeju Airport
Jeju Airport in South Korea (By 螺钉 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Busiest Chinese Domestic Routes

Besides the world’s busiest airline routes, we also took a specific look at China. As shown in one of our recent blog posts, China is one of the rare airline markets that record traffic figures similar to pre-COVID times. Unsurprisingly, China’s big metropolitan areas, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Guangzhou, play the most crucial role in domestic traffic. At least one of the mentioned cities is contained in 9 of the ten busiest domestic Chinese routes.

PEK-SHABeijingShanghai Hongqiao718k
CAN-SHAGuangzhouShanghai Hongqiao538K
SHA-SZXShanghai HongqiaoShenzhen531K
CAN-PKXGuangzhouBeijing Daxing307K
Top 10 Busiest Domestic Chinese Routes – August 2021

Busiest North American Domestic Routes

Compared to China, North American domestic traffic happens at a much lower level. Even the busiest North American route (Honolulu – Los Angeles) has a lower capacity than the ten-busiest Chinese route (Chongqing – Shenzhen). Like the last ranking, many routings contain holiday destinations, such as Honolulu, Kahului, or airports in Florida.

HNL-LAXHonoluluLos Angeles264K
JFK-LAXNew YorkLos Angeles256K
DEN-ORDDenverChicago O’Hare229K
ATL-FLLAtlantaFort Lauderdale225K
LAX-ORDLos AngelesOrlando222K
LAS-LAXLas VegasLos Angeles219K
Top 10 Busiest Domestic U.S. Routes – August 2021

World’s Busiest International Routes

The world’s busiest international routes are still dominated by flights to/from Simferopol. However, it is arguable whether this should be counted as an international route. Different from the busiest domestic routes, there’s not a single Asian route contained in the list. On the contrary, we have North American, European, African, and Middle East routes.

Besides Moscow, which is part of four routings, Cairo plays an important role and is part of three routings. Finally, the route New York – London Heathrow is back in the top 10!

SIP-SVOSimferopolMoscow Sheremetyevo338K
DME-SIPMoscow DomodedovoSimferopol304K
AYT-SVOAntalyaMoscow Sheremetyevo224K
MCO-SJUOrlandoSan Juan188K
AYT-VKOAntalyaMoscow Vnukovo163K
ORY-PTPParis OrlyPointe-a-Pitre155K
JFK-LHRNew YorkLondon Heathrow138K
World’s Busiest International Routes – August 2021
World's busiest airline routes — Simferopol Airport
Simferopol Airport — By Капитан Морган – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Spotlight on African International Routes

Egypt’s capital Cairo plays an important role when looking at the top international African routes. Like the last ranking, flights from Cairo to Jeddah, Dubai, and Riyadh rank on positions one to three. Moreover, the route Cairo-Khartoum adds a fourth Cairo-routing to the top 10!.

ORY-RUNParis OrlySt. Denis53K
CMM-ORYCasablancaParis Orly47K
ADD-DXBAddis AbabaDubai45K
Busiest African Routes – August 2021

Spotlight on Asian International Routes

Looking at important Asian international routes, Singapore plays an essential role. As a result, Singapore is part of four of the top 10 routes. Besides that, Chinese airports play an important role and are part of five routings.

HKG-TPEHong KongTaipei99K
BKK-HKGBangkokHong Kong94K
MFM-PVGMacauShanghai Pudong84K
HKG-PVGHong KongShanghai Pudong71K
HKG-PEKHong KongBeijing68K
KUL-SINKuala LumpurSingapur67K
Busiest Asian International Routes – August 2021

Spotlight on European International Routes

As already mentioned, Russia plays a dominant role when it comes to international routes. When looking at the busiest European routes, Russian airports are part of the top 5 routings. Besides that, holiday traffic continues to be a vital traffic driver. As a result, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, and Larnaca are part of the busiest European airline routings.

SIP-SVOSimferopolMoscow Sheremetyevo338K
DME-SIPMoscow DomodedovoSimferopol304K
AYT-SVOAntalyaMoscow Sheremetyevo224K
AYT-VKOAntalyaMoscow Vnukovo163K
LED-SIPSt. PetersburgSimferopol135K
DUS-PMIDusseldorfPalma de Mallorca125K
BCN-ORYBarcelonaParis Orly122K
FRA-PMIFrankfurtPalma de Mallorca121K
Busiest European International Routes – August 2021

Spotlight on Latin American International Routes

Many of the busiest Latin American airline routes are connected to the United States. Out of the top 10 busiest airline routes, six contain airports in the United States of America.

MCO-SJUOrlandoSan Juan94K
CUN-PTYCancunPanama City79K
ORY-PTPParis OrlyPoint-a-Pitre79K
IAH-MEXHoustonMexico City65K
BOG-PTYBogotaPanama City61K
CUN-DFWCancunDallas/Fort Worth60K
FDF-ORYFort de FranceParis Orly58K
JFK-STINew YorkSantiago (DO)55K
JFK-SJUNew YorkSan Juan53K
MIA-PTYMiamiPanama City52K
Busiest Latin American International Routes – August 2021

Spotlight on Middle East International Routes

Although Dubai is far away from pre-COVID traffic, the Middle East represents an essential airport in the region. As a result, Dubai is part of six of the busiest airline routes in the Middle East.

Busiest Middle East International Routes – August 2021

Spotlight on North American International Routes

MCO-SJUOrlandoSan Juan94K
JFK-LHRNew YorkLondon Heathrow69K
IAH-MEXHoustonMexico City65K
CUN-DFWCancunDallas/Fort Worth59K
JFK-STINew YorkSantiago (DO)55K
JFK-SJUNew YorkSan Juan53K
MIA-PTYMiamiPanama City53K
EWR-SJUNewarkSan Juan52K
LAX-SJDLos AngelesSan Jose Cabo51K
LAX-MEXLos AngelesMexico City51K
Busiest North American International Routes – August 2021

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Used Data
The shown information is based on OAG data and internal data sources. Whenever stated, EMEA refers to airlines based in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa.

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