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The Top 5 Podcasts From The ID1 Audio Experience

When my team came up with starting a podcast about airline KPIs, content, and technology, I was pretty skeptical. Although I'm the biggest fan of creating content, I found it hard to imagine that a podcast focusing on niche topics would work. But, during the past 12 months, it turned out that it works.

Today we’re blown away when looking at the sheer number of listeners and the positive feedback we’ve received. We’ve received so many messages from people worldwide (and surprisingly not only airlines) that told us how our content helped them. Reading these messages means a lot to me, and I’m honestly grateful that we’re able to put out content that supports, inspires, and motivates.

Slightly desperate the first weeks, we’re now thrilled to reach thousands of listeners.

At the time, our podcast audience had grown exponentially. I can remember the first weeks when we started the podcast and checked the numbers daily. Unfortunately, they continually remained at a level of 2-3 daily listeners. However, after a few weeks, the number slowly began to rise. Today we’re proud to count more than 500 unique daily listeners and more than 20,000 listened-to episodes in a month.

Since we’ve published more than 60 episodes since the beginning, we thought it was time to analyze and share the results with you.

Et voilá, here are the Top 5 Episodes of the ID1 Audio Experience

#5 — 10 Benefits O An Airline Operations Real-Time Dashboard

One of the essential podcasts we’ve ever made. This episode presents the ten most essential benefits airline operations’ real-time dashboard brings to the table. Tune in and find out how a dashboard helps to improve your operations.

#4 — My thoughts around the future of KPIs

I loved doing that podcast covering one of the topics I’ve been most thrilled about in recent months. In this episode, I’m talking about Smart KPIs, the necessity to create 1,000 KPIs, and why we use KPIs will change. A must-listen for everyone who’s up for some innovative thoughts.

#3 — Content + Contextual Communication = The single most important thing for your airline

Another very innovative podcast, and I’m super-happy to see that it reached thousands of listeners. In this podcast, I’m introducing the idea of airline operations content apps — an approach that will change how airlines consume content and enable contextual communication.

#2 — 10 Technology Tips For Your Airline You will be glad you started once lockdown is over

Interesting to see that both podcasts ranked second and first are related to COVID-19. With this one, I’m providing ten ideas you should focus on right now. These thoughts cover topics like Master Data Management, Advanced Analytics, KPIs, and many more.

#1 — How to adapt McKinsey’s COVID advice to your airline’s KPIs

Probably the combination of McKinsey and COVID in the headline attracted that many listeners. The episodes revolved around McKinsey’s so-called “3-bucket-method” and how you should adapt it to your airline KPIs.

Tune in to all episodes and subscribe to the ID1 Audio Experience

In case you would like to tune in to other episodes too. Or, if you want to subscribe to the podcast to avoid missing any future episode, here are the links:

Wanna do me a favor?

Here’s a suggestion: Send me your feedback. What episode did you enjoy most? Which one helped you? Which one was crap? And especially: What topics would you like to listen to in the future?

I’d love to get your feedback, either via Twitter or Email.

And finally, thank you for listening, all the feedback you’ve provided so far, and continuous support. We’ll do our best to provide you with high-quality content and the ID1 Audio Experience in the future!

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