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Q&A Session Part 2 — 9 super-relevant airline dashboard questions

Today I had another great session when I sat together with my colleague, Larissa, to answer, this time, 9 questions she has been receiving from you.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of questions we have been receiving and are really humbled to be able to provide additional value to you. So please, keep sending us your questions and we will be happy to do some more Q&A sessions in the future.

With this Q&A session, we got much more tactical and I really love to dig deeper into the details. Here’s what we were talking about:

  • Talking about technical requirements — what do I need to set up an airline dashboard or operational information platform?
  • You recently posted an article about social media and what airlines can learn from it — can you give us some more details on that?
  • What are the source systems that should be connected to an airline KPI system?
  • Can you explain to us some benefits that are linked to real-time KPI dashboards?
  • You talk to many airlines about real-time KPI dashboards. Which convictions are you confronted with that —from your point of view— aren’t correct?
  • When talking about the benefits of real-time dashboards — are there additional benefits that can be achieved, basically as side-effects?
  • How long does it take to set up an airline KPI dashboard?
  • Do you have some practical tips to make the most out of KPIs?
  • When airlines aim to set up a real-time dashboard: What are typical mistakes you’ve encountered?

And if you prefer listening on Google or Apple Podcasts simply search for ID1 Audio Experience.

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