Here's why

Airlines, airports and air navigation provider use the A:Wall to ultimately improve their performance. And we are inspired and motivated by the way they use the A:Wall.


Improved Decision Quality

91% of our clients say the A:Wall helps to improve their decision quality, by providing a comprehensive overview of the current situation.


Changes the Way they Work

86% of our clients say the A:Wall changed the way they work - on all organizational levels. By knowing the current situation, staff gets more focused and acts differently towards the customer and internal colleagues.


Identify Pain Points

79% of our clients say the A:Wall helps to identify pain points, by continuously visualizing the current situation and providing a comprehensive overview with all details.

"It's much more than a dashboard. The A:Wall represents a real-time situational awareness solution."

Certified Information

All information shown on the A:Wall represent certified and high-quality content - across all business units. Forget about various dashboard, using different calculation methods and data sources.

Intiutive Visualization

The A:Wall was specifically designed to enable users to assess situations within a split-second. With a clear information language and a minimalistic design, you experience a new way of information consumption.

Live Data

We know that time matters in todays world. And the A:Wall accepts this challenge: Everything you see on the A:Wall is happening right now.

We've got you covered

The A:Wall covers an extensive variety of business areas.

We are entirely invested to providing exactly the right information, the most relevant KPIs and most comprehensive visualization to each of your business areas.
And we are constantly adding new areas. You want some more details on what you can expect?

Check out our product portfolio

  • Operations Control
  • Hub Operations
  • Flight Operations
  • Cargo Operations
  • Connex Management
  • Airport Operations
  • Weather Information
  • And many more...

Your data is secure

We understand that the privacy and security of your data is vital, so we are committed to providing a highly secure and reliable environment you can trust.

Encryption & Data Transfer

We use latest encryption and data transfer protocols. HTTPS, Secured Queuing, OpenVPN or x509 certificates are just a few examples.

Authentication & Authorization

We use latest technologies for authentication and authorization as for example OAUTH.

Database Security

We offer various additional options for storage and database security. Transparent Data Encryption, Data Redaction and further encryption possibilities.

2-Factor Authentication

Especially for mobile apps, we support 2-Factor authentication methods.

How about some use cases?

Want to know more about how the A:Wall helps our clients?

We've put together some use cases to describe the broad usage potential of the A:Wall accross all areas of an enterprise.

Reas our use cases

airport Frankfurt FRA Flughafen a wall

Situational Awareness made simple.

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Experience a refined way of information visualization, enabling employees to get the essence in a split-second.


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