30-minutes. one-on-one. online tea time. With Q&A, innovative thoughts and fruitful discussions.

Together with me: Benjamin, CEO Information Design


Join me for a cup of tea

Sometimes the best ideas are born out of the most challenging situations. In times of Coronavirus I've experienced some super-fruitful online discussions with airline colleagues.

Reflecting the meetings a few days later, it was obvious to me why the discussions were that valuable: Because it was everything but not about sales. Here's the complete story.

That brought me to the idea of setting up a concept to host 1-on-1 meetings with interested people from the aviation industry. And voilá here's "Tea with Me".

Looking forward to host a tea time together with you.

Benjamin, CEO Information Design

Here's How It Works!

I’m offering two daily 30 minute slots (7:00 UTC & 13:00 UTC) in my calendar for a 1-on-1 tea online session.

  • Topics are entirely up to you (A relation to data, KPIs, or IT is welcome and will definitely produce the most valuable output)
  • Besides, there are no limitations: It can be about doing Q&A, discussing innovations, future developments, getting my view, or whatever you have in mind.
  • Any hard pre-requisites? Not a single one! Let’s have fun, jam a session, create value, and drink tea.