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15 Most Essential Social Media KPIs You Must Track!

Social media key performance indicators (KPIs) should reflect an essential part of your social media strategy. They rationalize the success of your social media activities. Moreover, social media KPIs help to monitor whether you are reaching your defined goals or not. Unfortunately, many companies —still— track the wrong social media KPIs. Very often they solely…

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Social Media Dashboards — 5 Stunning Examples You Should Check Out!

In today’s world, many companies are utilizing social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And undoubtedly, focusing on social media channels has become an essential pillar of a company’s success. Therefore, a considerable number of companies try to set up social media dashboards, including their most crucial Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Nevertheless, and although…

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How To Drive Employee Motivation With 1,000 Content Pieces In A Day!

Personally, I am genuinely convinced that employee motivation —still— is #1 key to a successful business. Moreover, I’m super-convinced that the combination of content management and corporate communication holds such a massive potential to drive employees’ motivation. Although totally underrated by (many) companies, I consider that as a unique possibility to create knowledge, drive efficiency,…

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Business Intelligence Dashboard

Why Facebook Rocks And Your Business Intelligence Dashboard Sucks!

I know, the title of this blog post is a bold statement. It probably sounds kind of weird in the beginning. Moreover, I guess the first thing that comes to your mind is something like: What the heck has Facebook to do with a business intelligence (BI) dashboard? Of course, we are talking about two…

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Enterprise Content Management

Content Management — What Companies Must Learn From Social Media

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about social media in a business context? I guess it’s sales and marketing, right? Indeed, the number of people who mention Enterprise Content Management is super low. Probably the amount of people is equal to the polar bear population in the Antarctic. Actually,…

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Airline Technology Trend

21 Must-Knows About The Most Important Airline Technology Trend

Feed-based content apps are one of the hottest airline technology developments that currently going on. Since the publication of the idea to transform KPI solutions from static dashboards to dynamic content feeds, we’ve received a lot of questions on comments.  Undoubtedly, feed-based approaches open the door to a new dimension of airline KPIs and operations…

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Airline Dashboard Design — 4 Extensive Use Cases + Special Tips

The design of an airline dashboard reflects one of the three essential “D-pillars” when it comes to dashboards: Data, (KPI) Definition & Design. And also design isn’t the complex part I’d rate it as toughest. Why’s that? Contrary to data and KPI definition, everybody has a taster for design. Nonetheless, personal taste should never drive…

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3 Unusual, Free of Charge Approaches To Enrich Your Airline Operations Dashboard

Airline Operations KPI Dashboards are such great tools to create an enterprise-wide situational awareness. First and foremost, these dashboards are about visualizing KPIs. For example, on-time performance, regularity, or misconnex ratio. Secondly, it is about real-time information and details about upcoming flights, ground events, etc. Most of the airlines I know focus on those aspects…

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4 Crucial External Information To Enhance Your Airline Operations Dashboard

Content is king — and content reflects one of the crucial aspects of an airline operations dashboard. Actually, the entire success of an airline operations dashboard is tightly linked to connected data sources and shown content. Initially, Airlines Focus On Internal Data When Setting Up An Operations Dashboard Nowadays, almost every airline possesses a vast…

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