Delays Ahead! The World’s 10 Most Unpunctual Airlines in 2021

Flying can be everything from enormous joy to an annoying disaster. However, choosing the right airlines has a massive influence on passengers’ experience, especially in punctuality. So we checked the performance of hundreds of airlines in 2021 — here’s the result: The World’s 10 Most Unpunctual Airlines!

Ready For Delays? The World’s 10 Most Unpunctual Airports

If you have an important appointment and arriving on time is essential you should probably avoid these ten airports. We’ve checked hundreds of airports around the world according to their on-time performance. But today, it is not about the top players! On the contrary, we present the world’s 10 most unpunctual airports!

On-Time Performance Analysis: 40 Most Punctual Airlines in May 2021

The world is on its way to leaving the pandemic behind. Borders open, people start to travel again, and the number of flights is constantly growing again. With increasing traffic, airlines’ on-time performance is back in focus. We gathered data and provide you with the first airline on-time performance analysis since 2020.

Revealed: The Most and Least On-Time U.S. Airlines in 2021

With increasing traffic figures, operational quality slides back into the spotlight of airline passengers. We’ve analyzed how U.S. airlines have performed so far in 2021 and put together the most and least on-time U.S. airlines.