The Unknown Approach to Reducing Airline Turnaround Times!

Reducing the turnaround time is one of the ultimate goals for every airline — especially in such testing times with growing complexity. With this blog post, we introduce an approach to reduce turnaround time sustainably. Moreover, this approach is feasible for every airline!

Airline Operations KPI Dashboard — Here Are 8 Essential Use Cases

In many discussions, I had with airlines the question about KPI dashboard use cases was raised. And I have to admit, in the beginning, I didn’t get that question right. So what did I do? I tried to explain why a KPI dashboard is essential. And in case I still could see questions marks in the eyes of the airline representatives I tried to eliminate the questions with a battery of dashboard benefits.

6 Most Important KPIs For Airline Operations

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are a common instrument to track a company’s performance and goals. And airlines, of course, use a huge variety of KPIs too. With this blog post, we want to put a spotlight on operations KPIs and answer the question: “What are the most important operations KPIs for airlines?”

Top 3 KPI every airline should pay attention to

What are your top three KPIs every airline should pay attention to? A question I’m asked frequently. With this post, I want to provide my favorite airline operations KPIs. And explain why I consider them as most relevant.