Airline KPI Apps — Why There’s No Way Around

Having an app to access operations key performance indicators (KPI) is one of the most important things for airlines nowadays. I’m actually not getting tired to spread that word. And to tell airlines why it is so super-important.

5 often-overlooked​ best-practices for designing a mobile KPI App for airlines

An increasing number of airlines are trying to bring operations KPI to mobiles and provide a KPI app. This makes absolute sense since the number of people using their mobile to access information is steadily and rapidly increasing. Two years ago already, 93% of all mobile users obtained online information with their mobile.

3 Reasons why mobile-first has to be your KPI strategy

In some of my last blog posts, I already shared thoughts about the importance of airline KPIs. Especially the real-time relevance of KPIs. However, so far, I left out the topic about how to provide KPIs to your audience.