Airports in the Middle of the Ocean: Aircraft Carriers in Military Deployment

Here’s Part 3 of our military aviation blog post series. There’s one outstanding aspect of Military Aviation, and it is the capability of merging both Aerial and Maritime Operations within one single facility. The US Navy, with the service of Aircraft Carrier-CV, can operate maritime and air missions simultaneously as it can serve as a…

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How UAVs are Enhancing Military Aviation?

One of the most intriguing aviation topics, especially in the Military branch, is UAVs’ integration and operation (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Today I want to share some first insights about using this technology in Military Aviation together with some expert overview about the increased use of this technology. A Quick Introduction to UAVs Military institutions are…

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21 Essential Military Aviation KPIs

Aviation, as we all know, is a fascinating world. It has multiple categories, areas, and functions. In our previous posts, we have researched what is known as civil aviation involving measures for commercial and private aviation. This research is shifting to an entirely new cluster of general aviation, which involves a new approach, standards, operations,…

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