The Ultimate Airline Performance Benchmark — September Edition

The Ultimate Airline Performance Benchmark brings you operational key figures of 38 of Europe’s and Middle East’s biggest airlines! And: We benchmark the latest data from September in terms of flight volume, on-time performance, and schedule reliability!

Middle East’s Biggest Airlines by Flight Volume — September Edition

Middle East airlines are —still— heavily impacted by Corona. As a result, the ranking of the Middle East’s biggest airlines continues to be different compared to pre-COVID. Today, we provide you with the latest ranking of Middle East’s biggest airlines by the number of flights in September.

Spotlight on the Middle East: Top 10 Biggest Airlines By Fleet Size

During the last decades, the Middle East became one of the most essential aviation markets — creating some of the world’s biggest airlines. With the sixth part of our “Spotlight Series,” we take a look at the Middle East aviation market: The Top 10 Biggest Middle East airlines by fleet size.

Why Emirates Isn’t Middle East’s Biggest Airline Anymore (and who’s now!)

For many years, Emirates has been proud to call itself the biggest airline in the Middle East. Moreover, the airline achieved top results in terms of global size rankings. However, Corona seems to changes everything — at least temporarily. Here’s why and which airline stole the prestigious award of being Middle East’s biggest airline.