6 Crucial Airport Operations KPIs — Every Airport Must Monitor!

Airport operations management is an ultra-complex task, especially in large hubs with thousands of daily flights and challenging passenger connections. Therefore, monitoring the right set of KPIs is essential for high-quality airport operations. With this blog post, we introduce six of the most important airport operations KPIs every airport should track.

Top 5 most Reliable Airlines

One of the essential aspects for passengers to travel during corona is reliability on their selected airline. The last year passengers have suffered from short-time cancellations or rescheduling as airlines struggle to maintain their operation. That’s why we wanted to know the details and did extensive research. Here are the results: The world’s Top 5 most reliable airlines.

The Most Essential Airline KPIs — A Post-Pandemic Assessment

With one of my first-ever blog posts, I’ve introduced and discussed the essential airline operations KPIs. Almost three years later, the world has turned upside down. A pandemic hit airlines with a mighty clash and disrupts the entire industry. Therefore, it is time to reassess and check whether the (former) most essential KPIs are still relevant.

Suez Canal Blockage — Tracking Measures to Improve Decision Making

This week on the news, we have seen the critical cargo situation happening in the Suez Canal. Since March 23rd, the container ship Ever Given, operated by the Evergreen Marine Corp Firm, ran aground in a horizontal position, blocking all circulation possibilities in either direction for other vessels to circulate through the canal.

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: What it Means for Airline KPIs?

After the first anniversary of COVID-19, we can say we are in one of the most anticipated phases of the process, the vaccination phase. Imagine the logistics pharmaceuticals, governments, and transportation companies have to arrange to guarantee the safe arrival of the doses to each of the countries worldwide. This is an example of how important it is that all parties align and work as a team.

The Punctuality Debate: Is Airline On-Time Performance Still Relevant?

The world is changing, and airlines must acknowledge re-examining certain long-held beliefs. Undoubtedly, no one blames airlines for the current situation due to COVID-19. However, many airlines are stuck doing things in an outdated way that leads to inefficiency. For example, one thing I often observe when talking to airlines is the quasi-religious focus on punctuality.

How CORONA Changes Airline KPIs Radically!

CORONA is the dominating topic of the airline and aviation industry for many months now. Unprecedented, devastating, and destructive are just a few adjectives that describe the airline nation’s state at this moment. However, we want to take another perspective on CORONA and the airline industry with this blog post.

5 Aircraft Maintenance KPIs Every Airline Should Monitor In Real-Time

There are only a few areas that are equally important for an airline’s safety than aircraft maintenance. Therefore, airlines operate sophisticated reporting systems to ensure the highest level of safety and quality of their aircraft. This article introduces five specific aircraft maintenance KPIs every airline should monitor in real-time.

77 Essential KPIs Airlines Track For Improved Operations

Have you ever asked yourself about the metrics airlines monitor during the day of operations? Or in other words, what are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) airlines have a close eye on? We worked with airlines all over the world and collected the essential operations KPIs.

Spotlight On KPIs — AskBen Episode #10

We hope y’all ready for the next edition of #AskBen. Especially when you’re dealing with KPIs this episode is a must-watch for you! We’ve collected five essential KPI questions for Ben to answer — so don’t miss that!

6 Transportation KPIs You Need Now — Air, Rail, Maritime & Road

Let me share a short backstory before we get into the details about Transportation KPIs. Being back at the office after three months of lockdown made me realize how much I missed all my colleagues. During lunch talks and team meetings, we can share our perspectives about how this situation can benefit us and adapt to it. All this information-sharing inspired me to write this post.

Social Media Dashboards — 5 Stunning Examples You Should Check Out!

In today’s world, many companies utilize social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And undoubtedly, focusing on social media channels has become an essential pillar of a company’s success. Therefore, a considerable number of companies try to set up social media dashboards, including their most crucial Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

47 Key Performance Indicator Examples — KPIs You Definitely Must Track!

Regardless of the business, you operate or your company’s size, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are essential for sustainable success and growth. Moreover, monitoring the right set of Key Performance Indicators help to reach business and strategic goals massively. That’s why we put together the most relevant Key Performance Indicator Examples.

KPI Dashboard — 3 Surprising Use Cases You’ve Never Thought About!

Let’s agree on the facts first: The primary use case of a KPI dashboard is about visualizing information and KPIs. Totally agree with that. However, I genuinely believe that a KPI dashboard can drive, establish, and realize additional use cases. Use cases that go beyond visualizing KPIs on a dashboard.

3 Reasons Why KPIs Are Now More Important Than Ever?

It’s tough to have that standpoint right now — in a time where Corona is dominating the news. It’s tough. I’ve had so many discussions with companies from all industries across the world in recent months. And in each of the discussions stated my case very clearly. Moreover, I precisely explained why I’m genuinely convinced that KPIs are now more important than ever.

KPIs, Dashboard, And Airlines — Here’s AskBen Episode #5

We’re super happy to share the fifth episode of AskBen with you today. We’ve again selected some interesting questions, which Ben is going to answer during that session. Here’s an overview: What’s your definition of a perfect operations dashboard? Can you provide some more technical insights about your dashboard solution? What kind of content would […]