Spotlight on the Middle East: Top 10 Biggest Airlines By Fleet Size

During the last decades, the Middle East became one of the most essential aviation markets — creating some of the world’s biggest airlines. With the sixth part of our “Spotlight Series,” we take a look at the Middle East aviation market: The Top 10 Biggest Middle East airlines by fleet size.

Spotlight on Africa: Top 10 Biggest African Airlines By Fleet Size

Africa still is a challenging continent when it comes to the airline market. As a result, African airlines are often underrepresented in many rankings. With the second part of our “Spotlight Series,” we change that and take a very close view of the African market: The Top 10 Biggest African Airlines by fleet size.

The World’s 50 Biggest Airlines by Fleet Size (After Corona)

Due to the Corona pandemic, many airlines had to reduce their fleet size. We’ve analyzed the fleet size of 200 airlines after pandemic-related adjustments. As a result, here’s the list of the 50 biggest airlines according to their fleet size.