6 Dashboard Examples From Some of the Most Successful Airlines

More than a year into the coronavirus pandemic, airlines are trying to recover and reinvent their business. And dashboards play an essential as they provide necessary facts and figures for decision-making. So we put together six airline dashboard examples some of the world’s biggest carriers use to monitor their day-to-day operations.

4 Reasons Why Your Airline Must Use KPI Benchmarks In Operations

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) have become a standard tool to rationalize a company’s performance. Especially in operations, airlines use the KPI tool to track their performance. This article goes beyond usual KPI usage and manifests the importance of KPI benchmarks. Read on to find out why your airline must use benchmarks for operational KPIs, how to set them up, and why real-time matters.

6 Transportation KPIs You Need Now — Air, Rail, Maritime & Road

Let me share a short backstory before we get into the details about Transportation KPIs. Being back at the office after three months of lockdown made me realize how much I missed all my colleagues. During lunch talks and team meetings, we can share our perspectives about how this situation can benefit us and adapt to it. All this information-sharing inspired me to write this post.

Social Media Dashboards — 5 Stunning Examples You Should Check Out!

In today’s world, many companies utilize social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And undoubtedly, focusing on social media channels has become an essential pillar of a company’s success. Therefore, a considerable number of companies try to set up social media dashboards, including their most crucial Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Why Facebook Rocks And Your Business Intelligence Dashboard Sucks!

I know the title of this blog post is a bold statement. It probably sounds kind of weird in the beginning. But, moreover, I guess the first thing that comes to your mind is something like: What the heck has Facebook to do with a business intelligence (BI) dashboard?

KPI Dashboard — 3 Surprising Use Cases You’ve Never Thought About!

Let’s agree on the facts first: The primary use case of a KPI dashboard is about visualizing information and KPIs. Totally agree with that. However, I genuinely believe that a KPI dashboard can drive, establish, and realize additional use cases. Use cases that go beyond visualizing KPIs on a dashboard.

Using Tableau As Real-Time Dashboard — 3 Things We Found Out.

Let’s talk about the idea of using Tableau as a real-time dashboard. First, to make it clear right from the beginning: I love Tableau. I think Tableau has changed the way companies are approaching the world of data analytics — tremendously and sustainably.

60-30-10 — The Most Essential Airline KPI Dashboard Rule

The success of an airline KPI dashboard stands and falls with the right KPIs — and following the proper rules. Indeed, there are many other factors I’m not getting tired of mentioning. Perfect visualization, seamless integration, or mobile usage are just a few aspects in this context.

5 Essential Airline KPI Tips To Unleash The Full Potential

One of the questions I’m asked most during Tea with Me sessions is about important airline KPI tips — especially operations KPIs. What are the essential aspects when setting up airline operations KPIs and what kind of tips do I give to clients?

Why Dynamic Dashboards Are Super-Important For Your Airline?

Dynamic dashboards are clearly nothing new. I remember when I was sitting together with my team end of 2019. Every December we take a look back but also discuss future dashboard trends. Already at this point, there was one thing that absolutely clear to me and the entire team. Dynamic dashboards and KPIs will gain massive importance.

23 Visuals to Boost Your Airline KPI Dashboard

Today, you’re going to learn about the best information visualizations for your airline KPI dashboard.

In fact, these are proven chart types that our customers use within aWall. To overwatch departure and arrival punctuality. To handle passenger misconnection. Or even to rule maintenance.

5 Essential Components Of A Profound Airline Dashboard Software

With many of my blog posts, I focus on the aspect of the content and visualization aspects of airline dashboard software. However, this represents only one part of the airline dashboard software. There’s a second part that is probably even more important. And this is about the software components you need to set up an airline dashboard.

Case Study: The Benefits Of Using Sabre Movement Manager As Airline Dashboard Data Source

Operations Control Systems (Sabre Movement Manager, Netline, etc.) reflect a crucial data source when it comes to setting up a real-time airline dashboard. Indeed, there many other systems you could and should connect to a real-time dashboard. However, after setting up dozens of dashboards, I can give you one thing for granted: It always starts with the operations control system.

10 Reasons Why Your Airline Needs An Operations Real-Time Dashboard

It was definitely pretty tough to select only ten reasons why airlines need an operational real-time dashboard. But I accepted the challenge. With this blog post, I’ll give you ten reasons. Ten reasons why you should use an airline operations real-time dashboard. But no worries, this is not a spammy sales-post. But a post that […]

Airline Dashboard Design — 4 Extensive Use Cases + Special Tips

The design of an airline dashboard reflects one of the three essential “D-pillars” when it comes to dashboards: Data, (KPI) Definition & Design. And also design isn’t the complex part I’d rate it as toughest. Why’s that? Contrary to data and KPI definition, everybody has a taster for design.