Back on Track: These 10 Airlines Operate More Flights Than Pre-COVID

Unfortunately, even 18 months after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the vast majority of airlines are still struggling to return to normal operations. However, we’ve analyzed more than 200 airlines and found ten lighthouse airlines that managed to operate more flights than pre-COVID.

4 Airlines That Made Profit in 2020 — And Here’s how!

For most airlines, 2020 was the most devastating year with unbelievable losses. However, a few airlines managed to close the pandemic year with profits. Here are four airlines that made a profit in 2020 and how they achieved it!

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: What it Means for Airline KPIs?

After the first anniversary of COVID-19, we can say we are in one of the most anticipated phases of the process, the vaccination phase. Imagine the logistics pharmaceuticals, governments, and transportation companies have to arrange to guarantee the safe arrival of the doses to each of the countries worldwide. This is an example of how important it is that all parties align and work as a team.

How CORONA Changes Airline KPIs Radically!

CORONA is the dominating topic of the airline and aviation industry for many months now. Unprecedented, devastating, and destructive are just a few adjectives that describe the airline nation’s state at this moment. However, we want to take another perspective on CORONA and the airline industry with this blog post.

Digital Innovations Airlines Need for the New Normal

The global pandemic pretty much upended almost every industry and sector of modern society. And while the pandemic’s effect on the world is pretty substantial, it’s safe to say that airlines may face the fallout from this for years to come. Air travel will likely continue to be affected even as the world approaches a state of normalcy.

Travelers’ Experience in COVID-19 Times

After asking people around the world, their perception and willingness to travel during Corona times, I wanted to see the perspective of people who have already taken the step and traveled during COVID-19 times. Therefore, I decided to interview four different persons who have traveled during Corona times to various destinations and consider multiple trip categories.

COVID Travel Survey: Are You Ready To Travel Under The New Normal?

After my first experience traveling, I was inquisitive about people’s perception of traveling during COVID-19 times. Therefore, I decided to generate a COVID Travel Survey and distribute it to people from different nationalities. My main objective was to understand if the perception was similar or had significant variations depending on the participants’ regions.

Flying During The Time Of COVID-19 — Insights From An Industry Expert

I read and heard so much about how different it is to fly during the time of COVID-19. Safety regulations, other processes, and additional restrictions are just a few examples. However, as an aviation lover, I was looking forward to my first flight after many months so very much. So here’s what I observed and all details you have to know when planning to fly!

3 Reasons Why KPIs Are Now More Important Than Ever?

It’s tough to have that standpoint right now — in a time where Corona is dominating the news. It’s tough. I’ve had so many discussions with companies from all industries across the world in recent months. And in each of the discussions stated my case very clearly. Moreover, I precisely explained why I’m genuinely convinced that KPIs are now more important than ever.