60 Crazy Aviation Facts you Have to Know!

The aviation world is one of the most fascinating industries. And it is an industry full of secrets, myths, and unbelievable facts. With this blog, we are going to unravel some of the craziest aviation facts about airlines, airports, or simply traveling. Discover an amazing list of aviation facts you definitely haven’t known before!

Travelers’ Experience in COVID-19 Times

After asking people around the world, their perception and willingness to travel during Corona times, I wanted to see the perspective of people who have already taken the step and traveled during COVID-19 times. Therefore, I decided to interview four different persons who have traveled during Corona times to various destinations and consider multiple trip categories.

COVID Travel Survey: Are You Ready To Travel Under The New Normal?

After my first experience traveling, I was inquisitive about people’s perception of traveling during COVID-19 times. Therefore, I decided to generate a COVID Travel Survey and distribute it to people from different nationalities. My main objective was to understand if the perception was similar or had significant variations depending on the participants’ regions.

Are We At The Beginning Of A Chinese Aviation & Airline Decade?

COVID-19 turned the airline and aviation industry upside down. Moreover, the aftermath of COVID-19 will redefine the entire industry. Up to now, Chinese airlines seem to handle the pandemic much better than competitors from Europe and the US. What does that mean for the future of the aviation and airline industry?

30 Of The Craziest Aviation Facts!

I was looking forward to this blog post for quite a time. And today, I can finally announce the start of our ultimate source for crazy aviation facts. Sounds bold? Well, it will definitely take some time — but as you know, Rome wasn’t built in a day 😉