American Airlines — Flights, Punctuality & Cancellations in 2021

Here’s the most comprehensive and latest operational assessment of the world’s largest airline: American Airlines. We’ve analyzed available data, calculated and assessed American Airlines’ flights, punctuality, and cancellation rates in 2021. Here are the results!

U.S. Airlines: The Most Comprehensive Operations Benchmark

The U.S. airline industry is currently witnessing a strong rebound. However, with many flights, passengers, and baggage, the airlines’ operational quality gets back into the spotlight. Therefore, we took a look at the quality of the operations of U.S. airlines in 2020 and provided you with the most comprehensive benchmark.

The World’s 50 Biggest Airlines by Fleet Size (After Corona)

Due to the Corona pandemic, many airlines had to reduce their fleet size. We’ve analyzed the fleet size of 200 airlines after pandemic-related adjustments. As a result, here’s the list of the 50 biggest airlines according to their fleet size.