The most Comprehensive Airline Benchmark

Discover the most comprehensive airline benchmark, including 15 of the world’s leading airlines. We put together figures and information from all areas such as fleet, network, operations, safety, and financials to provide you with an easy-to-access benchmark.

The most Comprehensive Airline Social Media Ranking

Social media has become inevitable for airlines around the globe. But how successful are airlines on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook? We did the analysis and calculated the most comprehensive airline social media ranking.

Top 5 most Reliable Airlines

One of the essential aspects for passengers to travel during corona is reliability on their selected airline. The last year passengers have suffered from short-time cancellations or rescheduling as airlines struggle to maintain their operation. That’s why we wanted to know the details and did extensive research. Here are the results: The world’s Top 5 most reliable airlines.

20 Best Airline Brands on Instagram in 2021

Instagram has become an essential marketing and brand channel for almost every company in the world. And many airlines utilize the medium with awesome content. We’ve analyzed their profiles and present the most successful airline brands on Instagram.

World’s 20 Biggest Airports in 2020!

Corona turned the airport industry upside down and reshuffled the list of the world’s biggest airports. We analyzed the latest data and present the top 20 of the world’s biggest airports in 2021!

The World’s 100 Most Punctual Airports for 2020

We made a data deep-dive and analyzed the world’s 100 most punctual airports. Here are the results! Discover the world’s most punctual mega airports and find out all about small punctuality top players!