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KPI MASterclass

60 minutes packed with fresh thoughts, valuable input and challenging ideas.

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Your very own power hour

An online session — packed with best-practices & latest technological trends.

With the Airline Operations KPI Masterclass we provide a unique possibility to challenge your status-quo in terms of operations KPIs and compare it to trends and industry best-practices. Our experts will introduce latest developments and provide valuable market insights and trends.  Everything wrapped around a 60-minutes online session and exclusively for airlines.

What you get

60 minutes with our experts — focused on everything related to your operational KPIs.

KPI Trends

Let's look beyond OTP, regularity and stability. We introduce trends and developments when it comes to latest key performance indicators.

Technological Trends

How do you monitor your KPIs in the future? How do you access information? We present technological trends in terms of soft- and hardware.

Design Trends

No one wants to look at boring reports. That's why we introduce latest design trends in order to perfectly visualize KPIs.

How it works

No complex process — but valuable output.

The Airline Operations KPI Masterclass is set-up as an online session. Within 60 minutes we will jointly assess your current situation in terms of KPI and technological fundament. Additionally, we will provide insightful ideas, concepts and industry best-practices on how to improve your KPI landscape.

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We jointly setup a suitable meeting slot for your very own Airline Operations KPI Masterclass. To make it as easy as possible we use WebEx.

Enjoy 60 valuable & challenging minutes

We will guide you through a structured and proven Masterclass.
- 10 Minutes: Welcome & warm-up
- 15 Minutes: KPI Trennds
- 15 Minutes: Technology Trends
- 10 Minutes: Design Trends
- 10 Minutes: Your Questions & Wrap up

Are you ready for the Masterclass?

You should only book your Masterclass if the below aspects apply to you.

Insights & best-practices

You want to know best-practices related to operations KPIs of the airline industry.

Latest KPI trends

You are open for latest trends related to operational KPIs and are interested in current developments.

Technological update

You want to know which technological developments are discussed in the industry and which technologies will define the future of operations KPIs.

Ready for fresh thoughts

You are eager to receive fresh thoughts, latest concepts and new ideas instead of buzzwords.

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Frequently asked Questions

All you have to know about the Airline Operations KPI Masterclass

The Masterclass is open to everybody working for an airline or aircraft operator. In order to make the session as valuable as possible, your job position should be related to operations, flight operations, ground operations or operations control.

Yes, absolutely. No hidden costs, no extra fees, nothing. Just valuable input.

Well, we believe in the power of communication and networking. And we are strongly convinced that exchanging ideas, providing fresh thoughts and a vivid discussion are often of much higher value than pure Dollars or Euros.

Not at all. The Masterclass is not related to our software solutions. It is simply about exchanging knowledge and providing you with best-practices. There's no obligation to work with us in the future.

No. The Masterclass is neither tailored nor related in any other way to our products. In contrary, the Masterclass represents our knowledge and experience gathered in dozens of KPI projects with airlines all over the globe.

The Masterclass provides a bunch of valuable information and insights which we only want to discuss with airline representatives. However, if you think the Masterclass would help your business too, you can send us an email:

Simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you immediately to setup the online meeting.

Actually, no. Besides, a quiet place to have the online meeting and of course one hour of time.