Features to help you excel in aviation.

Start with an information channel on your favorite airlines and airports. Add more channels as your curiosity grows. Track flights, monitor on-time performance, and build up competitive knowledge with ease.


Monitor industry trends in real-time

Watch the daily operations of numerous airlines and airports around the world. With live industry monitoring, you'll always know what's currently going on in aviation.


Drilldown into details

Find out how each flight contributes to the overall performance of any airline or airport. In detailed departure and arrival lists, you can learn about all flight facts — from the aircraft used to delay minutes, and the current flight status.


Personalize your information channels

Choose from a variety of information channel templates, from airline, airport, or aircraft performance to industry benchmarks, and easily customize them to meet your needs.


Benchmark yourself against your competitors (soon)

Directly compare the performance of airlines or airports in one single information channel. Discover at a glance which airline has the best regularity or which airport operates the most punctual departures.


Look up historical data (soon)

Go back in time to look up the operational performance of an airline or airport on a particular day, week, or month. Easily identify trends, weaknesses, or keep track of flight schedule changes.


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