CEO, Frankfurt
Leading Information Design as CEO, with particular responsibility in marketing, sales, key account management, and product.

About Benjamin


Responsible for the company’s overall success and goals.
Head of ID1’s marketing and sales are, with deep expertise across content marketing and brand development.
Leader within ID1’s product business unit and responsible for ID1’s products — aWall, aFuel, and FlightFacts.
Acts as the global key account manager.

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Benjamin leads Information Design as Co-CEO based in ID1’s headquarter in Frankfurt. Together with the top-management team, he is responsible for defining the company’s long-term strategy and future course. Benjamin has more than 15 years of aviation, consulting, and entrepreneur experience, working with client teams around the globe.

During his career, Benjamin has gained extensive experience across the aviation industry, particularly in operations control, flight operations, and airport operations. He has worked with airlines and airports in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East on topics such as business unit transformation, process redesign, IT optimization and IT solution development.

Before joining Information Design, Benjamin gathered in-depth experience in building companies. He co-founded aviationexperts, a company focused on delivering first-class consulting services to the aviation industry. Initially started with two employees, we had grown within 4 years to become +20 employees, generating a 7-digit turnover and serving renowned airlines such as Lufthansa, Emirates, S7, or Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Additionally, Benjamin is a fan of social media and genuinely believes that creating and the free distribution of content is essential. That’s why he is pot-committed to writing blog posts, hosting podcasts, and creating videos and other media.

Outside of his business work, he loves music and spending time with his children.

Benjamin graduated from Frankfurt University of Applied Science, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems.

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