COVID Situation App

Available for iPhone & iPad.

We want to contribute to fight the Corona crisis with our most essential skill: Creating awareness through visualization. Therefore, we adapted our mobile app, which is normally used at airlines, to provide a comprehensive overview of essential COVID-19 figures.

The app is absolutely free of charge. No registration or personal data required.


What it is about?

The app provides a comprehensive overview of historical and latest figures. Confirmed Cases, Deaths and Affected Countries. Data provided by WHO and updated daily 9am GMT.

Global Cases

Severity overview for every affected country. Additionally, total numbers of cases, deaths, and affected countries visualized on a global level.

Region Details

Detail views for 6 world regions (as defined by WHO), including country details and historical development.

Region Benchmark

Highlighting the current numbers in a comprehensive benchmark view for 6 world regions.

Latest Data — Updated Daily
Enhanced Visualization
Details for every affected country
Trend & Alert Highlighting
Benchmark & World Region Comparisons
Absolutely Free-of-Charge

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Access latest information about COVID-19. Absolutely for free. No registration required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we've received many questions, we try to answer the most important with this FAQ section.

The app is available to everybody. No limitations. Feel free to use it and spread the word.

That's right. Initially, this app wasn't developed for CORONA but for airlines to track and monitor real-time figures. We just added a specific CORONA instance. So, simply go ahead, download the app and login with the credentials shown at the login page.

Once you downloaded the app, the login credentials are shown directly below the input fields.

The app will be available on the Apple Appstore. It'll be released on 19th March 6pm GMT.

Not at all. This is not about making money but to contribute in fighting this crisis. The app is completely free-of-charge. No ads, no costs, nothing.

Initially, the app will be available for iPads. An iPhone and Android version will follow shortly.

Yep — currently the app is available for iPad only. We are working on an iPhone (and Android) version and are planning to release it 24th March.