Performance Measurement

Here are the world’s most punctual airlines (Global Top 20 + Regional)

On-time performance remains one of the critical quality attributes of airlines. That’s why we did some analysis on airlines’ performance. Here’s an overview of the top players when it comes to punctual airlines. The most punctual airlines and why we look at 2019 For many years, Hawaiian Airlines was the king of on-time performance and…

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77 Essential KPIs Airlines Track For Improved Operations

Have you ever asked yourself about the metrics airlines monitor during the day of operations? Or in other words, what are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) airlines have a close eye on? We work with airlines all over the world and collected the most essential operations KPIs. The most successful airlines are successful because they…

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12 Financial KPIs Every Company Should Monitor!

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are probably among the most prominent tools to manage, monitor, and steer a company’s operations and strategy. And if you search Google, you’ll find hundreds of different KPIs that cover your business processes. However, if you’d ask me which KPIs to start with, my immediate answer is Financial KPIs! Marketing Counts,…

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Cost Reduction

6 Reasons Why You Need KPIs To Achieve Sustainable Cost Reduction

Almost every company is currently looking for cost reduction measures. And this isn’t surprising. COVID-19, like no other crisis before, forces many companies to reduce costs or completely rethink their business models. Moreover, many industries forecast a bumpy and lengthy road until business figures reach pre-COVID level again. Although predictions vary from 3 to 5…

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Airline Reduce Costs

6 Reasons Why Your Airline Needs KPIs To Reduce Operational Costs

Every airline is currently looking for possibilities to reduce costs. And this isn’t surprising. COVID-19, like no other crisis before, forces airlines to rethink their entire business models.  Most of the airlines forecast a bumpy and lengthy road until passengers numbers reach pre-COVID figures again. Although predictions vary from 3 to 5 years, it is…

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The Definitive Airline Operations & KPI Guide

For the first time ever, we’ve produced a massive content piece — the “Definitive Airline Operations & KPI Guide.” The document contains more than 17 of our most-viewed blog posts, plus unpublished material that will help to improve your airline’s operations. So, if you prefer a well-curated document instead of browsing through a blog, or…

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benjamin walther

Q&A Session — Answering 8 super-relevant airline KPI questions

Today I had a great session, when I sat together with my colleague, Larissa, to answer 8 questions she has been receiving from you. Actually the first time we did such a Q&A session and it was a fantastic experience. We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of questions we have been receiving and really humbled…

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Airline Passenger Management — Our Essential Dashboard Case Study

Especially for hub-and-spoke airlines, passenger (connection) management reflects a crucial aspect of their airline operations. Moreover, many passengers consider a seamless and stress-free connection as one of the essential quality indicators of an airline. Passenger Connection Management — One Of The Most Complex Airline Processes However, passenger management also reflects one of the most complex…

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4 Crucial External Information To Enhance Your Airline Operations Dashboard

Content is king — and content reflects one of the crucial aspects of an airline operations dashboard. Actually, the entire success of an airline operations dashboard is tightly linked to connected data sources and shown content. Initially, Airlines Focus On Internal Data When Setting Up An Operations Dashboard Nowadays, almost every airline possesses a vast…

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airline operations trends

Airline Operations KPI Trends that will gain increasing importance in 2020

The idea of airline operations KPIs more and more attracts airlines. Many of them have started to track KPIs regularly or even in real-time. However, a considerable proportion of airlines concentrate on “traditional” KPIs, for example, punctuality, stability, etc. Don’t get me wrong: There’s nothing wrong with that. Conversely, we encourage and empower airlines to…

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Enhance Your Airline On-Time Performance KPI — 4 Essential Design Tips

On-time performance (punctuality) still is the number one operational performance indicator for every airline. The on-time performance is published regularly and analyzed to the very detail. Additionally, an increasing number of airlines monitor it in real-time. And, on top of that, more and more airlines do have dashboards — especially in their operations or network…

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Airlines Sustainability

Why It’s Time For Airlines To Monitor Sustainability KPIs In Real-Time?

There are certainly many articles about sustainability and airlines. For quite a while the global and necessary debate about climate change, sustainability, and CO2 reduction is a dominating topic. Although COVID-19 has pushed the topic into the background in 2020 you don’t have to be Nostradamus to know that its relevance will again increase. Regardless…

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Why data is useless — and 4 steps how to solve it.

Good decisions are based on knowledge rather than numbers. Plato, one of the great Greek philosophers made this statement almost 2,500 years ago. Actually, this is a great and wise statement. And probably a quote that perfectly describes why I think that data – in its rawest form – is useless. Decisions are the essence…

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Top 3 KPI every airline should pay attention to

What are your top three KPI every airline should pay attention to? A question I’m asked frequently. With this post, I want to provide my favorite airline operations KPIs. And explain why I consider them as most relevant. What defines relevance, and why do I think every airline should pay attention to the following KPIs?…

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