Flying During The Time Of COVID-19 — Insights From An Industry Expert

I read and heard so much about how different it is to fly during the time of COVID-19. Safety regulations, additional processes, and additional restrictions are just a few examples. However, as an aviation lover, I was looking forward to my first flight after many months so very much. Here’s what I observed and all…

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77 KPIs Airlines Track For Improved Operations

Have you ever asked yourself about the metrics airlines monitor during the day of operations? Or in other words, what are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) airlines have a close eye on? We work with airlines all over the world and collected the most essential operations KPIs. The most successful airlines are successful because they…

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Airline Reduce Costs

6 Reasons Why Your Airline Needs KPIs To Reduce Operational Costs

Every airline is currently looking for possibilities to reduce costs. And this isn’t surprising. COVID-19, like no other crisis before, forces airlines to rethink their entire business models.  Most of the airlines forecast a bumpy and lengthy road until passengers numbers reach pre-COVID figures again. Although predictions vary from 3 to 5 years, it is…

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6 Crucial Crew KPIs Airlines Have To Monitor

Let’s focus on airline crew KPIs today. Although I’ve published many blog posts about airline operations KPIs, crew KPIs —so far— haven’t been that prominent. I think it is time to correct that. Especially since I am fully aware of the essential role cockpit and cabin crew plays in the context of airline operations. Many…

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Airline Cost Control

6 Essential Cost-Control KPIs To Manage Airline Operations

Cost-Control and Cost-Reduction — probably the two words you hear most when talking to airlines nowadays. Due to Corona and the whole pandemic situation, airlines are suffering enormous pressure to reduce costs. And I’m convinced that only those airlines that manage to control and reduce costs will survive in the long-term. Of course, in the…

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14 Rapid Fire Questions On Electronic Fueling For Airlines

Since our latest article about airline Electronic Fueling (eFueling), we’ve received several questions from you. That’s why we thought it’s time to do another rapid-fire question session. Therefore, we selected 14 most-relevant questions about Electronic Fueling. Here we go with your questions on airline electronic fueling. 1 — What’s the difference between Electronic Fueling, Digital…

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Digital Aircraft Fueling

Aircraft Fueling Process — Why COVID-19 Is Urging The Digitization.

I am a big fan of digital aircraft fueling processes (eFueling) at airlines. If you are a frequent reader of this blog or podcast listener, this might not surprise you. During the last couple of months, I have been publishing content about digital aircraft fueling processes regularly. Even at the dawn of COVID-19, I published…

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What We’Ve Learned From Cargo Airlines And Crisis: Spotlight On Cargo KPIs

We’re all aware that during current Corona times, airlines have suffered possibly the biggest crisis in aviation history. However, cargo airlines are one part of aviation that hasn’t ceased operations. On the contrary, it has continued to put all efforts into providing the necessary medical and essential food supplies within countries.  Cargo airlines have reinvented…

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Insights Into A New Approach Of Real-Time Flight Tracking.

Have you ever considered the possibility of tracking an entire flight process? From its initial planning until its arrival to a destination? Today, I want to share with you a concept that will allow you to track each step of a flight in a chronological manner and the most important in real-time. But why do…

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3 Steps That Will Improve Your Airline’s Turnaround Process Awareness

Let’s kick-off this blog post with a simple question: How aware are you of your airline’s turnaround process?  I’m pretty sure that most of you answer that question with the confidence to know how a turnaround works. Moreover, it even sounds like a trivial question to you.  However, when moving away from a generic level…

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Why Airlines Have To Focus On Fuel Management Software Now!

Almost every airline I know is using some kind of fuel management software. This is quite logical. On the one hand, fuel still represents a huge cost factor for airlines. On the other hand, there’s a whole bunch of fuel management software available on the market. And every fuel management software aims for different goals…

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Airline Fuel Costs

How Electronic Fueling Reduces Your Airline’s Fuel Costs.

Fuel costs still represent the main cost driver for airlines. This hasn’t changed over the last decades. Nonetheless, during the last three to five years, cost-saving programs weren’t a top priority — at least for many airlines. Indeed, many airlines ran efficiency programs and aimed to deliver the product at competitive prices. However, the focus…

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Airline Fuel Process

Electronic Airplane Fuel Process — 4 Success Stories For Your Airline!

When we started to develop our solution to support Electronic Airplane Fuel Processes (eFueling platform), we had a clear vision. Together with our launching customer Lufthansa, we wanted to digitize an airline’s entire airplane fuel process. When we started this journey, we had many discussions. With representatives from Lufthansa, many other airlines, but also additional…

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45 Airports that are connected to the digital eFueling process

eFueling stands and falls with connected airports. You can operate a best-in-class eFueling solution — as long as you don’t manage to connect a considerable amount of destination airports to your solution, the effort won’t pay off. Conversely, with every airport, you get to connect to your eFueling solution, the benefits will rapidly increase. However,…

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6 airline maintenance information you should integrate into your operations dashboard.

With this blog post, we give you a quick overview of the essential airline maintenance information that should be visualized on your operations dashboard. Although we like to call it airline operations dashboard, the content shouldn’t be limited purely to flight operations information. Conversely, a perfect dashboard combines information from different sources/areas, curates them, and…

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kpis airline operations

50 Airline Operations KPIs To Track For Improved Performance

The most successful airlines are successful because they keep tracking and monitoring their airline operations KPIs. They’re literally swimming in data and performance indicators. We updated this article with even more KPIs. Head over to the latest version: 70 airline operations KPIs to track for improved operations These airlines understood that every decision has to…

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6 most important operations kpis for airline performance analysis

6 Most Important KPIs For Airline Operations

In today’s world almost every company sets up key performance indicators (KPI) to track and ultimately reach corporate goals — so do airlines. Besides generic KPIs, as for example finance or marketing-related KPIs, airlines usually implement KPIs for operations monitoring and performance analysis. However, since airline operations are based on various, complex processes, that amount…

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What airline operations executives can gain from thinking like Apple?

Airline operations and Apple seem not to have very much in common — at first sight. Especially, when it comes to key performance indicator (KPI). However, I think that airline executives can gain a lot from thinking like Apple. Let’s check out why: With the iPhone Apple has hugely disrupted the mobile market. Moreover, with…

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Airlines Sustainability

Why It’s Time For Airlines To Monitor Sustainability KPIs In Real-Time?

There are certainly many articles about sustainability and airlines. For quite a while the global and necessary debate about climate change, sustainability, and CO2 reduction is a dominating topic. Although COVID-19 has pushed the topic into the background in 2020 you don’t have to be Nostradamus to know that its relevance will again increase. Regardless…

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Top 3 KPI every airline should pay attention to

What are your top three KPI every airline should pay attention to? A question I’m asked frequently. With this post, I want to provide my favorite airline operations KPIs. And explain why I consider them as most relevant. What defines relevance, and why do I think every airline should pay attention to the following KPIs?…

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airplane plane Flugzeug

How To Create Big Data In Airline Operations — A Case Study

Airlines are constantly aiming for defining and executing practical big data use cases. And sometimes you get dizzy by all these fancy ideas airlines come up with. Believe it, I am no stranger to that. However, personally I’m always aiming for feasible and executable solutions. Big data, in my opinion, has definitely survived the buzzword…

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Benjamin Walther BenTalks

Why real-time KPIs will boost your operational performance

Every airline focus on operational performance. And every airline is already trying to monitor the most relevant performance indicators such as punctuality, regularity, or misconnex quota. When talking to performance analysts from airlines across the globe, still most of them tell us that they rely on daily or even weekly and monthly performance reports. Let…

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