Digital Fueling

Airline Fuel Efficiency

The Definitive Airline Fuel Efficiency Guide

For the first time ever, we’ve produced a massive fuel-related content piece — the “Definitive Fuel Efficiency Guide.” The document contains more than 10 of our most-read blog posts, plus some unpublished material that will help to drive your airline’s fuel efficiency. So, if you prefer a well-curated document instead of browsing through a blog,…

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Airline Fuel Efficiency — 10 eFueling Benefits You Can Realize Now!

If you’re searching the web, you’ll find hundreds of articles about airlines and fuel efficiency. Articles that focus on process improvements, new aircraft equipment, or entirely new engines and airplanes. And I’m pretty sure that most of the texts provide value and a reasonable approach. So why another article about airline fuel efficiency? Well, I…

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Digital Aircraft Fueling

Aircraft Fueling Process — Why COVID-19 Is Urging The Digitization.

I am a big fan of digital aircraft fueling processes (eFueling) at airlines. If you are a frequent reader of this blog or podcast listener, this might not surprise you. During the last couple of months, I have been publishing content about digital aircraft fueling processes regularly. Even at the dawn of COVID-19, I published…

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Airline Fuel Costs

How Electronic Fueling Reduces Your Airline’s Fuel Costs.

Fuel costs still represent the main cost driver for airlines. This hasn’t changed over the last decades. Nonetheless, during the last three to five years, cost-saving programs weren’t a top priority — at least for many airlines. Indeed, many airlines ran efficiency programs and aimed to deliver the product at competitive prices. However, the focus…

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Airline Fuel Process

Electronic Airplane Fuel Process — 4 Success Stories For Your Airline!

When we started to develop our solution to support Electronic Airplane Fuel Processes (eFueling platform), we had a clear vision. Together with our launching customer Lufthansa, we wanted to digitize an airline’s entire airplane fuel process. When we started this journey, we had many discussions. With representatives from Lufthansa, many other airlines, but also additional…

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45 Airports that are connected to the digital eFueling process

eFueling stands and falls with connected airports. You can operate a best-in-class eFueling solution — as long as you don’t manage to connect a considerable amount of destination airports to your solution, the effort won’t pay off. Conversely, with every airport, you get to connect to your eFueling solution, the benefits will rapidly increase. However,…

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