Data-Driven Innovation

What Is Employee Communication — A Reframed Definition!

Employee communication rapidly jumped back on the agenda of many companies in March 2020. Lockdowns, remote work, and a super-dynamic situation —caused by COVID-19— forced companies to dig deeper into the topic. And even the search phrase “what is employee communication” climbed rapidly in Google Statistics. Many Answers To The Question “What Is Employee Communication”…

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12 Secret Tips For Effective Employee Communication

With Corona impacting businesses all over the world, effective employee communication has become a huge competitive differentiator. Lockdowns, remote work, and the super-dynamic situation force enterprises to elaborate on new ways of effective communication channels. 

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Employee Communication App — 9 Types Of Content You Need!

Everybody knows that there’s no way around employee communication apps anymore. Long before Corona, many companies understood the necessity of exploring new ways to distribute content with employees. Corona was the final punch. Home office, de-centralized working, and a hunger for information accelerated that progress immensely. However, that last months provide one super essential lesson…

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Corporate Communication

7 Strategies That Radically Rethink Corporate Communication

I genuinely believe that it is time to rethink (internal) corporate communication radically. I know you may say, “wait, wait, wait — we’re doing quite good with our current strategies. No need to change anything.” But let me tell you: The world has changed during the last years. And I’m not talking about the recent…

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Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software — 4 Essential Smartwatch Rules!

Smartwatches are one of the most important trends of the next years. Moreover, smartwatches are continuously becoming an essential part of many people’s life. As mobiles did 15 years ago, we are currently witnessing the advent of smartwatches. That’s it why it totally makes sense to think about bringing business intelligence software to the smartwatch.…

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Airline Cloud Computing

5 Reasons Why Airlines Have To Focus On Cloud-Computing Immediately!

Cloud computing will be a dominating topic for airlines in the upcoming months. Why’s that? Because Corona showed that times of on-premise solutions are finally over. I’d even say that airlines that focused on the cloud earlier navigated through the Coronacrisis much swifter — at least from an IT perspective. Of course, cloud computing is…

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Airline KPI App

Airline KPI Apps — Why There’s No Way Around

Having an app to access operations key performance indicators (KPI) is one of the most important things for airlines nowadays. I’m actually not getting tired to spread that word. And to tell airlines why it is so super-important. Unfortunately, many airlines still rely on old-school solutions when it comes to KPIs. Instead of a KPI…

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Push Notifications — Elevating Your Mobile KPI App To A New Level!

We all can agree that mobile KPI apps are no longer a nice-to-have for airlines. On the contrary, mobile KPI apps have become an essential pillar for many airlines regarding operations monitoring. However, there’s one thing that is exciting to me even more at the moment — although it is tightly linked to mobile KPI…

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Airline Dashboard Software

5 Essential Components Of A Profound Airline Dashboard Software

With many of my blog posts, I focus on the aspect of the content and visualization aspects of airline dashboard software. However, this represents only one part of the airline dashboard software. There’s a second part that is probably even more important. And this is about the software components you need to set up an…

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3 Technological KPI Trends You Shouldn’t Miss In 2020

With one of our recent blog posts, we presented the KPI Trends that will gain importance in 2020. The article addresses aspects like dynamic dashboards or benchmarking KPIs. Today we want to focus on upcoming technological trends that —from our point of view— will play an important role in 2020. Probably not surprising, each of…

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3 Reasons why mobile-first has to be your KPI strategy

In some of my last blog posts, I already shared thoughts about the importance of airline KPIs. Especially the real-time relevance of KPIs. However, so far, I left out the topic about how to provide KPIs to your audience. How’s the status quo at many airlines? When discussing this aspect with colleagues from airlines, I’m…

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Visualizing Data — 5 Key Trends

On 17th September 2019, we had the great pleasure to present at this year’s ASQS user conference. We were invited to share thoughts about key trends when it comes to data visualization — particularly in the area of safety management but also on a general level. The presentation below comprises our thoughts and points out…

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airplane plane Flugzeug

How To Create Big Data In Airline Operations — A Case Study

Airlines are constantly aiming for defining and executing practical big data use cases. And sometimes you get dizzy by all these fancy ideas airlines come up with. Believe it, I am no stranger to that. However, personally I’m always aiming for feasible and executable solutions. Big data, in my opinion, has definitely survived the buzzword…

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