3 Reasons why mobile-first has to be your KPI strategy

In some of my last blog posts I already shared thoughts about the importance of airline KPIs and especially the relevance real-time KPIs. However, so far I left out the topic of how KPIs are provided to your audience. How’s the stauts quo at many airlines? When discussing this aspect with colleagues from airlines, I’m…

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Why data is useless — and 4 steps how to solve it.

Good decisions are based on knowledge rather than numbers. Plato, one of the great Greek philosophers made this statement almost 2,500 years ago. Actually, this is a great and wise statement. And probably a quote that perfectly describes why I think that data – in its rawest form – is useless. Decisions are the essence…

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Top 3 KPIs every airline should pay attention to

Having received so much feedback on my last blog article about the relevance – or should I say irrelevance – of an on-time performance KPI, I thought it’s time to share some more details on KPIs that I consider as most relevant for every airline. (If you want to take a look at the on-time…

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Benjamin Walther BenTalks Interview

Why weekly reports kill the motivation of operational airline staff.

Absolutely convinced that weekly reports kill the motivation of operational airline staff. And super-fascinated about the possibilities real-time information brings. Watch my 2-minute on-the-spot video taken during an internal workshop on improvements through real-time information. Watch. Enjoy. Comment and let me know your thoughts.

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Benjamin Walther BenTalks

Why real-time KPIs will boost your operational performance

Every airline is focused on operational performance. And every airline is already trying to monitor the most relevant performance indicators such as punctuality, regularity or misconnex quota. When talking to performance analysts from airlines across the globe, still most of them tell us that they rely on daily or even weekly and monthly performance reports.…

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