Benefits and Use Cases

The Future Of Business Intelligence & Key Performance Indicators

We are beyond thrilled to present the first-ever Future Perspective Edition about Business Intelligence and Key Performance Indicators. A massive document that holds innovative thoughts, latest trends, and pioneering concepts! +40 Pages About Business Intelligence And Key Performance Indicators! We are more than thrilled to publish the sixth edition of the “Future Perspective” series. For…

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Practical Perspective — Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

We are beyond thrilled to present the first-ever Practical Perspective Edition about Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence, and KPIs. On top of that, all articles are tailored to the airline industry! 40 Pages About Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence, And KPIs! If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go…

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Why Digital Fuel Management Is A Must-Do Project Right Now!

2020 is just different. COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. Especially the aviation industry is going true very tough times, and nobody can be certain if we will ever get back to normal. Maybe we will have to get used to a new normal. No matter how this situation will develop in…

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Practical Perspective — Master Data Management

We are beyond thrilled to present the first-ever Practical Perspective Edition about Master Data Management. The document spans across more than 35 pages and contains valuable articles. Plus, unpublished material that will help to drive your master data management project. If you want to have a source for knowledge, including best-tips and a whole bunch…

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Strategy Employee Communication

Strategy Talk: The ROI Of Employee Communication.

This blog post is a summary of an interview I gave about Employee Communication Strategy. What’s contained? Thoughts on the growing relevance of employee communication and how it has to change. Additionally, I touch the aspect of the business case behind employee communication. Interviewer: Many blog posts, podcasts, and videos you published recently cover the…

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Why Master Data Management Is Important

7 Reasons Why Master Data Management Is So Important!

Today we are writing history. Once and for all, we will answer the question of why Master Data Management is that important. And let me be frank. Master Data Management is a topic with a bad reputation. Boring, unsexy, not needed are just a few things people tell me when we discuss Master Data Management.…

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KPI Dashboards

KPI Dashboard — 3 Surprising Use Cases You’ve Never Thought About!

Let’s agree on the facts first: The primary use case of a KPI dashboard is about visualizing information and KPIs. Totally agree on that. However, I genuinely believe that a KPI dashboard can drive, establish, and realize additional use cases. Use cases that go beyond visualizing KPIs on a dashboard. This conviction is based on…

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Tableau Dashboard

Using Tableau As Real-Time Dashboard — 3 Things We Found Out.

Let’s talk about the idea of using Tableau as a real-time dashboard. To make it clear right from the beginning: I love Tableau. Actually, I think Tableau has changed the way companies are approaching the world of data analytics — tremendously and sustainably. Tableau literally enabled business departments to get in control of their data.…

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Why KPIs Are Important

3 Reasons Why KPIs Are Now More Important Than Ever?

It’s tough to have that standpoint right now — in a time where Corona is dominating the news. It’s really tough. I’ve had so many discussions with companies from all industries across the world in recent months. And in each of the discussions stated my case very clearly. Moreover, I precisely explained why I’m genuinely…

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How Our KPI Solution Helped An Airline To Reduce IT Costs Substantially.

Reducing IT costs is a top priority for many airlines at the moment. Primarily due to Coronacrisis, many airlines face enormous pressure to cut and reduce costs. Besides reducing staff and expenditure freezes, IT spendings usually reflect a potential cost item that is assessed thoroughly. Indeed, there are hundreds of ways of how to reduce…

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Airline Fuel Efficiency — 10 eFueling Benefits You Can Realize Now!

If you’re searching the web, you’ll find hundreds of articles about airlines and fuel efficiency. Articles that focus on process improvements, new aircraft equipment, or entirely new engines and airplanes. And I’m pretty sure that most of the texts provide value and a reasonable approach. So why another article about airline fuel efficiency? Well, I…

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Insights Into A New Approach Of Real-Time Flight Tracking.

Have you ever considered the possibility of tracking an entire flight process? From its initial planning until its arrival to a destination? Today, I want to share with you a concept that will allow you to track each step of a flight in a chronological manner and the most important in real-time. But why do…

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Why Airlines Have To Focus On Fuel Management Software Now!

Almost every airline I know is using some kind of fuel management software. This is quite logical. On the one hand, fuel still represents a huge cost factor for airlines. On the other hand, there’s a whole bunch of fuel management software available on the market. And every fuel management software aims for different goals…

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Airline Fuel Costs

How Electronic Fueling Reduces Your Airline’s Fuel Costs.

Fuel costs still represent the main cost driver for airlines. This hasn’t changed over the last decades. Nonetheless, during the last three to five years, cost-saving programs weren’t a top priority — at least for many airlines. Indeed, many airlines ran efficiency programs and aimed to deliver the product at competitive prices. However, the focus…

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Q&A Session Part 2 — 9 super-relevant airline dashboard questions

Today I had another great session, when I sat together with my colleague, Larissa, to answer, this time, 9 questions she has been receiving from you. We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of questions we have been receiving and really humbled to be able to provide additional value to you. So please, keep sending us…

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7 Master Data Management Benefits That Convinces Everybody!

Let me nail it down right at the beginning: Whatever benefits there might be, master data management (or MDM) does not exactly have the image of being super sexy. Many companies consider master data management as an administrative act. Simply required but without any benefits. But is that really all about it? No, it’s not.…

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10 Reasons Why Your Airline Needs An Operations Real-Time Dashboard

It was definitely pretty tough to select only ten reasons why airlines need an operational real-time dashboard. But I accepted the challenge. With this blog post, I’ll give you ten reasons. Ten reasons why you should use an airline operations real-time dashboard. But no worries, this is not a spammy sales-post. But a post that…

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12 Airline Operations Dashboard Dogmas You Have To Throw Overboard

Airline Operations KPI Dashboards are a perfect tool to improve operations. They provide an unmatched situational awareness and the possibility to know what is going on in operations. I talk to lots of guys from airlines about real-time operations dashboards. Thus, I can learn about people’s perceptions and dogmas when it comes to dashboards. Talking…

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Airline Fuel Process

Electronic Airplane Fuel Process — 4 Success Stories For Your Airline!

When we started to develop our solution to support Electronic Airplane Fuel Processes (eFueling platform), we had a clear vision. Together with our launching customer Lufthansa, we wanted to digitize an airline’s entire airplane fuel process. When we started this journey, we had many discussions. With representatives from Lufthansa, many other airlines, but also additional…

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Airplane Fuel Process

4 Success Stories your airline can achieve with implementing eFueling

When we started to develop an eFueling platform, we had a clear vision to digitize an airline’s fueling process. From discussions with airlines and other stakeholders, we were highly convinced that it is possible to eliminate this manual process. Moreover, we wanted to set up an all-digital process that helps to achieve various benefits. Besides…

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45 Airports that are connected to the digital eFueling process

eFueling stands and falls with connected airports. You can operate a best-in-class eFueling solution — as long as you don’t manage to connect a considerable amount of destination airports to your solution, the effort won’t pay off. Conversely, with every airport, you get to connect to your eFueling solution, the benefits will rapidly increase. However,…

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What’s the No Fuel Indicator and how does it save your airline money

Fuel costs are one of the most significant cost factors of airlines. According to IATA, the airline industry’s fuel bill is estimated to have totaled $188 billion in 2019. That means fuel expenses account for almost 25% of an airline’s operating expenses. For decades airlines have been trying to reduce costs by applying various measures:…

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How to use eFueling at more than 45 Airports

Electronic Fueling (eFueling) stands and falls with connected airports. You can operate a best-in-class eFueling solution — as long as you don’t manage to connect a considerable amount of destination airports to your solution, the effort won’t pay off. Conversely, with every airport, you get to connect to your eFueling solution, the benefits will rapidly…

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3 Use Cases Linked To Airline Real-Time Dashboards You’ve Never Thought About

The primary use case of an airline operations real-time dashboard is about visualizing information an KPIs. No doubt about it. However, a dashboard infrastructure —at least when talking about our product setup— collects a vast amount of data from different sources (flight data, passenger data, airport data, etc.). Based on that three use cases can…

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Benjamin Walther BenTalks

Why real-time KPIs will boost your operational performance

Every airline focus on operational performance. And every airline is already trying to monitor the most relevant performance indicators such as punctuality, regularity, or misconnex quota. When talking to performance analysts from airlines across the globe, still most of them tell us that they rely on daily or even weekly and monthly performance reports. Let…

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