Use Cases

10 Benefits Every Airline Gets From Real-Time Dashboards!

Managing day-to-day operations reflects a complex endeavor for every airline. Real-time dashboards help to strengthen airline operations quality and reduce complexity. Here are ten benefits airlines can get from using real-time dashboards. It’s all About Decision-Making! Managing an airline’s day-to-day operations, first and foremost, means making decisions. However, making the best decisions based on holistic…

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Airports in the Middle of the Ocean: Aircraft Carriers in Military Deployment

Here’s Part 3 of our military aviation blog post series. There’s one outstanding aspect of Military Aviation, and it is the capability of merging both Aerial and Maritime Operations within one single facility. The US Navy, with the service of Aircraft Carrier-CV, can operate maritime and air missions simultaneously as it can serve as a…

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How UAVs are Enhancing Military Aviation?

One of the most intriguing aviation topics, especially in the Military branch, is UAVs’ integration and operation (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Today I want to share some first insights about using this technology in Military Aviation together with some expert overview about the increased use of this technology. A Quick Introduction to UAVs Military institutions are…

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The Unknown Approach to Reducing Airline Turnaround Times!

Reducing the turnaround time is one of the ultimate goals for every airline — especially in such testing times with growing complexity. With this blog post, we introduce an approach to reduce turnaround time sustainably. Moreover, this approach is feasible for every airline!  Airline Turnaround Processes — A Quick Introduction More than any other airline…

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The Future of Business Intelligence & Key Performance Indicators

We are beyond thrilled to present the first-ever Future Perspective Edition about Business Intelligence and Key Performance Indicators. A massive document that holds innovative thoughts, latest trends, and pioneering concepts! +40 Pages About Business Intelligence and Key Performance Indicators! We are more than thrilled to publish the sixth edition of the “Future Perspective” series. For…

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Implementing Master Data Management Systems — 5 Lessons I Learned!

I think I’m not exaggerating when saying that Master Data Management Systems (MDS) have a boring image. No fancy user interface, no AI, no nothing. Not sexy at all. And I’m not exaggerating when stating that many Master Data Management Systems projects last much longer than expected, don’t achieve set goals, or fail completely. Master…

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Why Master Data Management Is Important

7 Reasons Why Master Data Management Is So Important!

Today we are writing history. Once and for all, we will answer the question of why Master Data Management is that important. And let me be frank. Master Data Management is a topic with a bad reputation. Boring, unsexy, not needed are just a few things people tell me when we discuss Master Data Management.…

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KPI Dashboards

KPI Dashboard — 3 Surprising Use Cases You’ve Never Thought About!

Let’s agree on the facts first: The primary use case of a KPI dashboard is about visualizing information and KPIs. Totally agree on that. However, I genuinely believe that a KPI dashboard can drive, establish, and realize additional use cases. Use cases that go beyond visualizing KPIs on a dashboard. This conviction is based on…

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Why KPIs Are Important

3 Reasons Why KPIs Are Now More Important Than Ever?

It’s tough to have that standpoint right now — in a time where Corona is dominating the news. It’s really tough. I’ve had so many discussions with companies from all industries across the world in recent months. And in each of the discussions stated my case very clearly. Moreover, I precisely explained why I’m genuinely…

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How Our KPI Solution Helped An Airline To Reduce IT Costs Substantially.

Reducing IT costs is a top priority for many airlines at the moment. Primarily due to Coronacrisis, many airlines face enormous pressure to cut and reduce costs. Besides reducing staff and expenditure freezes, IT spendings usually reflect a potential cost item that is assessed thoroughly. Indeed, there are hundreds of ways of how to reduce…

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Airline Cloud Computing

5 Reasons Why Airlines Have To Focus On Cloud-Computing Immediately!

Cloud computing will be a dominating topic for airlines in the upcoming months. Why’s that? Because Corona showed that times of on-premise solutions are finally over. I’d even say that airlines that focused on the cloud earlier navigated through the Coronacrisis much swifter — at least from an IT perspective. Of course, cloud computing is…

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Airline Cost Control

6 Essential Cost-Control KPIs To Manage Airline Operations

Cost-Control and Cost-Reduction — probably the two words you hear most when talking to airlines nowadays. Due to Corona and the whole pandemic situation, airlines are suffering enormous pressure to reduce costs. And I’m convinced that only those airlines that manage to control and reduce costs will survive in the long-term. Of course, in the…

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Airline KPI Ideas

5 Ideas To Boost Airline Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Boosting your airline’s KPIs with new ideas seems never like a wrong idea. However, the current pandemic causes many airlines to re-think their key performance indicators’ (KPI) usage.  Some are forced to establish new KPIs or deploy new concepts that cope with the current de-centralized working situation. Whether you are in that situation or just…

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Insights Into A New Approach Of Real-Time Flight Tracking.

Have you ever considered the possibility of tracking an entire flight process? From its initial planning until its arrival to a destination? Today, I want to share with you a concept that will allow you to track each step of a flight in a chronological manner and the most important in real-time. But why do…

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Smart Airline KPIs — Dipping A Toe Into Innovative Water

Let’s start with a blast: Smart airline KPIs will revolutionize the world of airline KPIs. But no worries, I won’t leave you with this bold statement. On the contrary, with this blog, I want to dip a toe into this innovative idea. What Are You Going To Learn With This Blog Post? There are four…

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Re-Starting Your Airline After COVID-19 — Here are the KPIs you Need!

There’s probably no other industry that has been hit by COVID-19 as hard as the airline industry. Times are tough like they’ve never been for airlines. Aircraft are grounded, flight schedules are operated at a minimum and many airlines shut down their operations even completely. It might feel strange and optimistic, but I’m totally convinced…

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5 Essential Components of a Profound Airline Dashboard Software

Airline dashboards aren’t solely about visualization. On the contrary, the bigger challenge when developing airline dashboard software is in the backend: Data integration, calculation, orchestration. Here are the software components you should consider when developing a profound airline dashboard software. Visualization is Just the Icing on the Cake of an Airline Dashboard Software When discussing…

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Airline Passenger Management — Our Essential Dashboard Case Study

Especially for hub-and-spoke airlines, passenger (connection) management reflects a crucial aspect of their airline operations. Moreover, many passengers consider a seamless and stress-free connection as one of the essential quality indicators of an airline. Passenger Connection Management — One Of The Most Complex Airline Processes However, passenger management also reflects one of the most complex…

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7 Master Data Management Benefits That Convinces Everybody!

Let me nail it down right at the beginning: Whatever benefits there might be, master data management (or MDM) does not exactly have the image of being super sexy. Many companies consider master data management as an administrative act. Simply required but without any benefits. But is that really all about it? No, it’s not.…

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12 Airline Operations Dashboard Dogmas You Have To Throw Overboard

Airline Operations KPI Dashboards are a perfect tool to improve operations. They provide an unmatched situational awareness and the possibility to know what is going on in operations. I talk to lots of guys from airlines about real-time operations dashboards. Thus, I can learn about people’s perceptions and dogmas when it comes to dashboards. Talking…

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Airline Dashboard Design — 4 Extensive Use Cases + Special Tips

The design of an airline dashboard reflects one of the three essential “D-pillars” when it comes to dashboards: Data, (KPI) Definition & Design. And also design isn’t the complex part I’d rate it as toughest. Why’s that? Contrary to data and KPI definition, everybody has a taster for design. Nonetheless, personal taste should never drive…

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3 Use Cases Linked To Airline Real-Time Dashboards You’ve Never Thought About

The primary use case of an airline operations real-time dashboard is about visualizing information an KPIs. No doubt about it. However, a dashboard infrastructure —at least when talking about our product setup— collects a vast amount of data from different sources (flight data, passenger data, airport data, etc.). Based on that three use cases can…

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4 Crucial External Information To Enhance Your Airline Operations Dashboard

Content is king — and content reflects one of the crucial aspects of an airline operations dashboard. Actually, the entire success of an airline operations dashboard is tightly linked to connected data sources and shown content. Initially, Airlines Focus On Internal Data When Setting Up An Operations Dashboard Nowadays, almost every airline possesses a vast…

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airplane plane Flugzeug

How To Create Big Data In Airline Operations — A Case Study

Airlines are constantly aiming for defining and executing practical big data use cases. And sometimes you get dizzy by all these fancy ideas airlines come up with. Believe it, I am no stranger to that. However, personally I’m always aiming for feasible and executable solutions. Big data, in my opinion, has definitely survived the buzzword…

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Benjamin Walther BenTalks

Why real-time KPIs will boost your operational performance

Every airline focus on operational performance. And every airline is already trying to monitor the most relevant performance indicators such as punctuality, regularity, or misconnex quota. When talking to performance analysts from airlines across the globe, still most of them tell us that they rely on daily or even weekly and monthly performance reports. Let…

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featured image - airline data warehouse

4 Things That Are Essential For An Airline Operations Data Warehouse – And 1 Thing That Is Not.

Airline Operations Data Warehouse doesn’t sound that fancy – I know. However, today’s technological world is highly driven by topics such as big data, AI, blockchain, and machine learning. However, and interesting enough, when working with airlines worldwide, we observe quite often a different world. The challenges airlines face – especially in an airline operations…

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