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Why nobody pays attention to your KPIs and a step-by-step guideline on how to improve airline KPIs

I’m pretty sure you know that situation. You’ve spent so much to set up a KPI dashboard — and what’s the result? After a few days, nobody pays attention to it. With this article, I will show you how to improve airline KPIs. Certainly, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are complex. However, setting up proper KPIs is even more difficult. And usually, it takes a lot of time.

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60-30-10 — The Most Essential Airline KPI Dashboard Rule

The success of an airline KPI dashboard stands and falls with the right KPIs — and following the proper rules. Indeed, there are many other factors I’m not getting tired of mentioning. Perfect visualization, seamless integration, or mobile usage are just a few aspects in this context.

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The Top 5 Podcasts From The ID1 Audio Experience

When my team came up with starting a podcast about airline KPIs, content, and technology, I was pretty skeptical. Although I’m the biggest fan of creating content, I found it hard to imagine that a podcast focusing on niche topics would work. But, during the past 12 months, it turned out that it works.

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23 Visuals to Boost Your Airline KPI Dashboard

Today, you’re going to learn about the best information visualizations for your airline KPI dashboard.

In fact, these are proven chart types that our customers use within aWall. To overwatch departure and arrival punctuality. To handle passenger misconnection. Or even to rule maintenance.

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