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50 Airline Operations KPIs To Track For Improved Performance

The most successful airlines are successful because they keep tracking and monitoring their airline operations KPIs. They’re literally swimming in data and performance indicators. We updated this article with even more KPIs. Head over to the latest version: 70 airline operations KPIs to track for improved operations These airlines understood that every decision has to…

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6 most important operations kpis for airline performance analysis

6 Most Important KPIs For Airline Operations

In today’s world almost every company sets up key performance indicators (KPI) to track and ultimately reach corporate goals — so do airlines. Besides generic KPIs, as for example finance or marketing-related KPIs, airlines usually implement KPIs for operations monitoring and performance analysis. However, since airline operations are based on various, complex processes, that amount…

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What airline operations executives can gain from thinking like Apple?

Airline operations and Apple seem not to have very much in common — at first sight. Especially, when it comes to key performance indicator (KPI). However, I think that airline executives can gain a lot from thinking like Apple. Let’s check out why: With the iPhone Apple has hugely disrupted the mobile market. Moreover, with…

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Enhance Your Airline On-Time Performance KPI — 4 Essential Design Tips

On-time performance (punctuality) still is the number one operational performance indicator for every airline. The on-time performance is published regularly and analyzed to the very detail. Additionally, an increasing number of airlines monitor it in real-time. And, on top of that, more and more airlines do have dashboards — especially in their operations or network…

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3 Reasons why mobile-first has to be your KPI strategy

In some of my last blog posts, I already shared thoughts about the importance of airline KPIs. Especially the real-time relevance of KPIs. However, so far, I left out the topic about how to provide KPIs to your audience. How’s the status quo at many airlines? When discussing this aspect with colleagues from airlines, I’m…

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Visualizing Data — 5 Key Trends

On 17th September 2019, we had the great pleasure to present at this year’s ASQS user conference. We were invited to share thoughts about key trends when it comes to data visualization — particularly in the area of safety management but also on a general level. The presentation below comprises our thoughts and points out…

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Airlines Sustainability

Why It’s Time For Airlines To Monitor Sustainability KPIs In Real-Time?

There are certainly many articles about sustainability and airlines. For quite a while the global and necessary debate about climate change, sustainability, and CO2 reduction is a dominating topic. Although COVID-19 has pushed the topic into the background in 2020 you don’t have to be Nostradamus to know that its relevance will again increase. Regardless…

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KPI Dashboards In A Nutshell — 4 Crucial Mistakes You Have To Avoid!

Personally, I love reading blog posts about mistakes. Mistakes in the context of KPI dashboards but also in any other topic I’m interested in. Why’s that? Certainly not, because I derive pleasure from other people’s trouble. It is because I genuinely believe that those articles are the most open, frank, and true stories. On top…

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Why data is useless — and 4 steps how to solve it.

Good decisions are based on knowledge rather than numbers. Plato, one of the great Greek philosophers made this statement almost 2,500 years ago. Actually, this is a great and wise statement. And probably a quote that perfectly describes why I think that data – in its rawest form – is useless. Decisions are the essence…

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Top 3 KPI every airline should pay attention to

What are your top three KPI every airline should pay attention to? A question I’m asked frequently. With this post, I want to provide my favorite airline operations KPIs. And explain why I consider them as most relevant. What defines relevance, and why do I think every airline should pay attention to the following KPIs?…

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How To Create Big Data In Airline Operations — A Case Study

Airlines are constantly aiming for defining and executing practical big data use cases. And sometimes you get dizzy by all these fancy ideas airlines come up with. Believe it, I am no stranger to that. However, personally I’m always aiming for feasible and executable solutions. Big data, in my opinion, has definitely survived the buzzword…

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Benjamin Walther BenTalks

Why real-time KPIs will boost your operational performance

Every airline focus on operational performance. And every airline is already trying to monitor the most relevant performance indicators such as punctuality, regularity, or misconnex quota. When talking to performance analysts from airlines across the globe, still most of them tell us that they rely on daily or even weekly and monthly performance reports. Let…

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5 Recommendations to Drive Innovation

Plenty has been written regarding organisation’s chances to drive innovation. And many studies have been conducted, which analyze how innovative processes can be initiated. However, from experience and when working with clients, I observe very often that it’s all about tools and methods. Which IT tools can we use to increase innovation? Shall we go…

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