• Product Updates Summer 2019

    Announcing remarkable updates — new widgets, functionality and KPIs. And this: Introducing the A:Wall Remote Control. Now it’s easier than ever to navigate and control your A:Wall.

Introducing Timeline Widget

A widget dedicated to the details. To every detail.

Gaining the big picture is essential — but sometimes you need to know the very detail. With the A:Wall Timeline Widget we've developed a configurable, expandable and powerful visualization for single flights.
Know exactly what's happening and monitor all details of your most important flights — in real-time.

Monitor flight details

Timestamps, ground processes, operational changes, passenger information — you name it. The Timeline Widget visualizes every detail of a single flight.

Real-time updates

We keep our promise. A:Wall means real-time. Every detail is updated in real-time. Every progress is shown in real-time.

Smart Features

The Timeline Widgets comes with a whole bunch of smart features. Sophisticated highlighting of critical processes, expand and collapse mechanisms and dynamic detail views.

Configurable to your needs

The Timeline Widget adapts to your needs. You decide which details you want to see and which information shall be displayed.

Hello Airport Performance

Dive into the airports. With our all-new Donut Map.

We thought it's time to combine our most prominent widgets. The world map and donut widget — et voilá, here's the Donut Map. Designed to visualize any airport-related key performance information: On-time performance, departed passengers, arrived flights, or any other aspect.

Monitor your airport performance

Monitor what's happening at your hub, most important bases and outstations. All visualized in one single map.

Ready-to-use KPIs

Use all your KPIs without any additional effort. Thanks to our data warehouse technology, all of your KPIs can be directly applied to the Donut Map.

Dynamic. Zoomable. Super Flexible.

The Donut Map is super-flexible in terms of visualization. You select the world regions, you select the airports. We do the rest.

Take Control

A:Wall introduces remote control support.

Connect. Go.

Connect any USB remote control or presenter remote and start controlling your A:Wall immediately. No setup, no configuration needed.

Switch workspaces & widgets

Easily switch between your workspaces and rotate your widgets.

Start. Stop.

You want to focus on a specific workspace? Simply stop the animation and proceed once you are good to go on.

Spread the News

News, important information, warnings — here's your widget.

Distribute relevant information to relevant stakeholders. With the A:Wall News Widget, communication has been put to the next level.

Highlight important information

There are news and there are important news. With the A:Wall News Widget you have the possibility to highlight important news.

Select recipients

Not every information is relevant to each user group. The A:Wall News Widget provides you with the liberty to decide on which channels the news shall appear.

Automatic & manual Input

Connect your source systems as news text provider or manually enter your text via a handy web interface.

Wait, we've got even more

New KPIs, Smart Legends and Counter Widget.

New KPIs

Our ever expanding KPI catalogue has been enriched again. Seat Load Factor, Unpunctuality, CTOT Flights are just a few examples.

Smart Legends

We've enhanced our widgets with Smart Legends. What does that mean? From now the legend only contains the attributes currently shown with the KPI.

Counter Widget

Sometimes is just about the plain numbers. No illustration needed. That's why we introduced the A:Wall Counter Widget — solely showing your plain numbers.

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