Unlimited Possibilities

The A:Wall gives you the possibility to select exactly the information you want to see. But what's better than getting some inspiration how the A:Wall can look like? Here are some examples.

Flight Operations

Monitor your flights across the world - while keeping a close eye on the most important KPIs. And this: A dynamic flight map which zooms to different regions helps you to have a comprehensive overview at all times.

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Hub Management

A well-functioning hub is the most essential driver of many airlines. We pay attention to that with a specific hub operations view. Easily monitor in- and outbound flights with smart highlight functions and know everything about your hub performance with tailored KPIs.

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Introducing Benchmark View

Powerful. Customizable. And all about benchmarking.

With our super-flexible benchmark view you can compare whatever you are up to. How is your Boeing fleet performing in relation to your Airbus fleet. How's your performance at different airports? Are your provider on-time? And so much more. What do you want to benchmark?

Airport Operations

Your most important airports in detail. Gain a comprehensive overview of your aircraft on ground, runway information and specific resource-related performance aspects.

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Passenger Connex Management

What's more annoying for passengers than missing the onward flight? Not much. Therefore, we developed a specific view, putting connecting passengers in the center. What are critical connections? How many passengers are affected by delays? And which are the flights additional attention has to be paid to?

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Introducing Safety & Compliance View

All about safety. All about compliance.

Safety is first. And that's exactly why we developed dedicated safety and compliance views. Be aware of your flight and safety reports, current rirsks, fatigue aspects and critical events. All tailored to different dimensions as for example flights, stations or aircraft types.


Weather is a crucial factor for stable flight operations. We provide official aviation weather - in a delightful and comprehensive way. Temperature, wind, clouds and especially specific weather phenomena.

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Situational Awareness made simple.

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Why A:Wall

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Use Cases

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