aWall lite

A sweet farewell to the IT project.

No implementation. No project. No IT. Just ready-to-use operations KPIs available to each and every airline.

Get in control without lifting a finger

aWall Lite delivers operations insights without extensive integration projects. Relying on the best-in-class aWall features as well as industry-leading data providers, aWall Lite provides access to your most essential KPIs: On-Time Performance, Delay Minutes, Number of Flights, Regularity, Arrival Punctuality, and more.

Ready when you are

No project needed. Downloaded in seconds. Configured in seconds. Ready to get in control in seconds. Fascinated in seconds.

All devices

Like its big brother, aWall Lite runs on all the most important devices and operating systems: MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android.

All features

We don’t like boundaries. The Lite version comes with aWall’s unbeatable set of functions and features — without any limitations. Here’s what our clients say about aWall Lite — it helps to:

Control daily operations 91%
Stay informed 86%
Identify Pain Points 79%

Executives from leading companies control their daily business with the aWall.

Elevate your operations with real-time KPIs!

Get in touch with us and discover how the aWall can help your airline, airport or ATC agency.

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