Airline Cancellation Rate Decrease: A Regional Overview

Probably one of the most essential analyses we’ve done the recent months. We looked at worldwide cancellations and checked how airlines decrease cancellation rates per region and restart regular operations linked to vaccination rollout?

The World’s Top 10 Low-Cost Airlines

We put together an extensive analysis of the world’s airline low-cost market. Discover interesting figures, an analysis of the pandemic, plus a ranking of the world’s top 10 low-cost airlines.

Suez Canal Blockage — Tracking Measures to Improve Decision Making

This week on the news, we have seen the critical cargo situation happening in the Suez Canal. Since March 23rd, the container ship Ever Given, operated by the Evergreen Marine Corp Firm, ran aground in a horizontal position, blocking all circulation possibilities in either direction for other vessels to circulate through the canal.

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: What it Means for Airline KPIs?

After the first anniversary of COVID-19, we can say we are in one of the most anticipated phases of the process, the vaccination phase. Imagine the logistics pharmaceuticals, governments, and transportation companies have to arrange to guarantee the safe arrival of the doses to each of the countries worldwide. This is an example of how important it is that all parties align and work as a team.

Analysis: Comparing Private Jet Operators and Commercial Airlines KPIs

Since COVID-19 started, people have been looking for ‘safer’ alternatives to travel. We have seen travelers looking for options to enjoy seeing the world in a ‘safer manner.’ By safer, I mean people prefer to travel in private vehicles to reduce contact with others and reduce the contagion risk.