United Airlines Performance Review

The latest performance statistics: Flight Volume, Punctuality & Schedule Reliability.

This page brings you the latest operations performance facts about United Airlines. The data shown below reflects United Airlines' previous month’s performance. If you want to discover United Airlines' performance in real-time you should download the FlightFacts app.

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In September, United Airlines operated more than 122,000 flights. Accordingly, United Airlines ranks as the world's third-largest airline. Only American Airlines and Delta Air Lines operated more flights. Compared to August, United Airlines reduced its flight volume by 6,000. Moreover, September marked the first month in 2021 where United reduced its flight volume.


On-Time Performance

In September, United Airlines achieved an on-time performance of 82.9%. Accordingly, more than 20,000 flights did not arrive on time at their destination. However, compared to August, United Airlines increased its punctuality level by almost 11pp.


Schedule Reliability

Similar to its on-time performance, United Airlines was able to improve its schedule reliability in September. Overall, United operated 98% of its flights as scheduled. In other words, United had to cancel 2% of its flights. Compared to August, the flight schedule reliability improved by 1pp.


Flight Volume — 6 Months History

For the first time in 2021, United Airlines reduced its flight volume in September. Moreover, the number of flights was below the July level. In fact, many airlines reduce their volume in September due to the end of the holiday season. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how many flights United Airlines will perform in October.


About United Airlines

United Airlines is a major American airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. United operates a large domestic and international route network spanning cities large and small across the United States and all six continents. Measured by fleet size and the number of routes, it is the third-largest airline in the world.

United was founded in 1926. Today's the airline operates more than 830 aircraft and serves more than 340 destinations.

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Punctuality counts all flights that arrive on time at their destination airport and puts them into relation to the overall operated number of flights. On-time in this context is defined as +15/-15 compared to the scheduled arrival time. We consider an on-time performance above 90% as good (green), from 80%-90% as ok (orange), and below 80% as weak (red).
Flight Schedule Reliability (Reliability): Schedule reliability counts the number of actually performed flights concerning scheduled flights. In other words, the percentage of flights that an airline didn’t cancel. We consider schedule reliability above 95% as good (green), from 90%-95% as ok (orange), and below 90% as weak (red).

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