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A revolutionary approach — redefining your understanding of operations data.

With the A:Eventer we created an entire new source of airline operations data. In short words: The A:Eventer processes your data (flight updates, operational data, aircraft data) and creates an unlimited and enriched flow of data events — completely customizable and rule-driven. Representing a single-source-of-truth, the A:Eventer provides exactly the events required by connected systems. And this: The A:Eventer enables a whole new world of analytics with limitless possibilities.

How it works

The A:Eventer — described in 4 simple steps.

Connect & Receive

Running within our A:Cloud environment, the A:Eventer connects to and receives flight data from your operational IT systems. Ops Control data, aircraft data, timestamps, flight updates, weather information, passenger information, connex data — you name it.

Process & Generate

Based on a customizable, expandable and dynamic rule-set the A:Eventer processes incoming data and generates related events — everything in real-time and in a continuous flow.

Store & Distribute

All created events are stored in an event warehouse, building the source for further analytics. And of course, created events are distributed via topic queues to all subscribed systems.

Visualize & Monitor

To gain a full transparency, each event of a flight can be visualized with our Timeline Widget. Thus, providing the complete and transparent picture on what is happening for your single flight events.

The power of events

Unleash a unique and revolutionary data source.

Events allow you to generate a completely new source for operational data and introduce a radical new approach for analytics.

Basic Events

Basic events describe the easiest way of creating events. Incoming data is processed according to a simple rule and subsequently an event is created.

Example: The A:Eventer receives an ETA for a specific flight. The ETA is compared with the STA. In case the ETA is more than 3 minutes later than the STA, a Delay Event is generated and distributed.

Enhanced Events

Enhanced events combine more than one data source and create can be used to create highly sohisticated events — again based on a customizable rule-set.

Example: The A:Eventer receives an ETA for a specific flight. The ETA is compared with the STA. In case the ETA is more than 3 minutes later than the STA, the A:Eventer checks if connecting passengers are onboard. If so, a Connex Alert Event is generated and distributed.

Smart Events

Smart events represents an additional approach for creating events. In this case meta information (NOTAM, weather, etc.) are incorporate when generating events.

Example: The A:Eventer receives an off-block message for a flight. The A:Eventer checks all NOTAMs of the destination airport for that specific flight. In case critical NOTAMs are available (e. g. runway closure) a Runway Closure Alert Event is generated and distributed.

It's under your control

Events are completely XML-driven and customizable. Adding, enhancing and modifying events — all under your control.

We wanted to create a solution that provides you a unique flexibility. That's exactly why defining events is super-flexible and customer-driven. Based on a well-documented XML syntax, you can add new events as well as modify and enhance existing one. Swiftly, without any development and deployment — simply easy.

Let's talk tech

Latest technology. Cloud-ready. Powerful.


The A:Eventer runs in our A:Cloud environment. What does that mean for you? Well, no complex implementation project nor huge invest needed. We connect your data source and you are all set for a new world of data.

Cutting-edge technology

The A:Eventer is based on and build with latest technologies. Developed with Scala, the A:Eventer integrates modern approaches as for example Apache Kafka Streaming or Apache Flink.


Configuring the A:Eventer is completely XML-driven. Adding rules, modifying rules — all flexible and configurable by client's power user.

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Use Cases

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Why A:Eventer

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