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The A:Eventer represents an entire new type of operational data, supporting airlines to discover a whole bunch of new possibilities.

AI, Prediction & Simulation: No longer just buzzwords

For the first time in airline operations, the A:Eventer opens the door to unleash the power of AI, predictive analytics and simulation. By creating hundreds and thousands of events the A:Eventer produces the amount of data future technologies require to unleash their full potential.

Improved Processes. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By providing exactly the events and information to relevant processes, the efficiency and subsequently customer satisfaction can be massively improved.

Reduced development efforts

Thanks to the flexible rule-set, new events can be generated in a split-second. Thus, it will be easier than ever to provide additional data to other IT systems or mobile apps — resulting in reduced development efforts.

Completely new way of flight analytics.

With the A:Eventer you create an unlimited new data source for enhanced analytics. When analyzing your operational data you no longer have to rely on a small data set for each flight, but discover a huge amount of data, events and patterns for every single flight.
Therefor, it will be much easier to identify problems and root causes.

Accelrated time to market

When developing or introducing new IT solutions the A:Eventer with its standardized API serves as single-source-of-truth — providing exactly the data required. No complex additional interfaces have to be build nor additional databases to be setup.

Improved flight operations

The A:Eventer will help to improve flight operations by providing a transparent, holistic and real-time view on every single flight event. Thus, helping to identify potential problems at a very early stage.

Certified Information

All information created by the A:Eventer represent certified and high-quality content. Forget about various data sources with different level of quality.

Transparent Visualization

Besides the base for advanced analytics, the Timeline Widget represents a cutting-edge, intuitive and transparent way to visualize your detailed flight data.

Live Data

We know that time matters in todays world. And the A:Eventer accept that challenge. Everything is processed, calculated and distributed in real-time.

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