• The most advanced operational data source ever.


We are thrilled how our clients utilize the A:Eventer to enhance processes and operations. Here are some of the most common use cases.

Analytics & Performance Management

The ultimate key to improve your operations.

Based on the vast amount of data generated by the A:Eventer Performance Management and Analytics Departments discover entirely new possibilities in terms of data analytics. To get that clear: A flight is no longer just one row in your database, holding some basic information — your future data set of a flight contains dozen and hundreds of events, all holding additional information.

Discover a new way of analytics

More data. More information. Analytics people love the data source the A:Eventer is generating.

Enabling new approaches

AI, predictive analytics, machine learning or simulation — the A:Eventer builds a solid fundament to apply new technologies.

Ultimately improve operations

Events hold the potential to discover problems, weaknesses and root causes in operations and to ultimately improve your operations.

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IT Management

Welcome to the next level of IT architecture

With the A:Eventer IT departments experience new approaches to shape the infrastructure of an airline. Utilizing latest technologies and representing a single-source-of-truth, the A:Eventer serves as an easy-to-connect data source.


No longer discuss where to get which data from. The A:Eventer holds the truth, consisting of source data and a vast amount of events.

Easily connect solutions and apps

Thanks to used Apache Kafka queues, it is easier than easy to subscribe to content generated by the A:Eventer and receive exactly what's needed.

Standardized API

The A:Eventer offers a standardized access gateway to connected systems — making it swift and easy to request data from the A:Eventer.


The A:Eventer uses cloud-technologies and runs in an AWS cloud. All parts of the A:Eventer are specifically designed to utilize the massive power of cloud-computing.

Cockpit & Cabin Crew

Up-to-date. At every time.

Thanks to the perfect visualization, the information produced by the A:Eventer can be perfectly used by cockpit and cabin crew. Accessible via iPad or on large screens, the crew can be aware of their upcoming or current flights and know exactly what is going on.

Improved briefing process

Directly integrated in the briefing process, cockpit and cabin crew have the possibility to monitor what's going on with their upcoming flights at a very early stage.

Monitor processes

Using the Timeline on an iPad the cockpit and cabin crew can assess real-time information at any time and check what is happening with current or future flights.

Source for passenger information

Knowing everything about flight, the cockpit and cabin crew can pro-actively inform passengers in terms of potential issues.


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Why A:Eventer

Find out why the A:Eventer is the right choice to gain a perfect situational awareness.


Experience a whole new world of analytics with limitless possibilities.