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Gain the calming certainty of always knowing everything.

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No matter which information you need to gain the perfect situational awareness, the A:Wall is up to it.

The A:Wall offers exactly the information you need — always and everywhere. Either on large screens, your laptop or pad, the A:Wall visualizes your business performance — without any boundaries and in real-time. From operational information to enterprise performance and financial key indicators, the A:Wall provides an unprecedentedly confident feeling.


Make it your very own A:Wall.

The A:Wall gives you the freedom to basically customize everything you want. You select which KPIs you want to see and which data is displayed.

But even better, you can also select how the KPIs and data shall be visualized. You prefer a bar chart instead of a donut for a certain KPI — sure, we’ll do that for you in the blink of an eye.

And the icing on the cake: The A:Wall can be setup with multiple channels, so that different departments can see exactly the information they want to see.

Frankfurt Management AWall Big Data

Individual. Intuitive. Irreplaceable.

A closer look on the A:Wall features.

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Cloud based

Setting up the A:Wall is easier than easy, since we developed the A:Wall completely cloud-based. No complex implementation nor huge initial invest needed.


The A:Wall is packed with an ever-expanding set of KPIs covering a large variety of your performance indicator. From operations to finance — you name it.

Different Stakeholders

Knowing how your business is performing on a daily basis matters to a variety of business units. And we got them all covered!

Fully Customizable

The A:Wall is customizable down to the last detail. Every KPI, every widget and every workspace can be adjusted to your individual needs.

"It's much more than a dashboard. The A:Wall represents a real-time situational awareness solution."

Certified Information

All information shown on the A:Wall represent certified and high-quality content - across all business units. Forget about various dashboard, using different calculation methods and data sources.

Intuitive visualization

The A:Wall was specifically designed to enable users to assess situations within a split-second. With a clear information language and a minimalistic design, you experience a new way of information consumption.

Live Data

We know that time matters in todays world. And the A:Wall accepts this challenge: Everything you see on the A:Wall is happening right now.

The A:Wall Portfolio

Just a sample of what you can get immediately - simply provide the data.

Ready for a new era of situational awareness?

Here’s our approach.

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Let’s talk about your ideas and requirements. During this process, our consultants will support you to define your individual setup of the A:Wall and walk you through the implementation process.

Personalized demonstration

Based in the results of our meetings we will setup a first draft of your A:Wall and present it to you. Subsequently, we will talk about the possible improvements until we have found the setup you want.

Setting up your A:Wall

Finally, we jointly implement your A:Wall. We evaluate data requirements, coordinate technological aspects and do everything needed to have your A:Wall up-and-running.

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